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Comment: Re:Bad Site (Score 1) 212

by Cid Highwind (#48931573) Attached to: One In Five Developers Now Works On IoT Projects

So you can share every movement and temperature fluctuation with your friends on panterest, obviously!

I bought the "Bobby Flay filter" through in-pan purchase, so it always looks like I'm doing something with steak and blue corn and ancho chiles, even when it's really just mac & cheese from a box.

Comment: CyberThis, CyberThat, CyberCommand (Score 5, Insightful) 61

Dear US military and federal contracting wanker-sphere,
I know you were 30 years late discovering this whole internet thing, so imagery and phrases from 1980s cyberpunk still sound super-duper-cutting-edge to you, but can you please stop using "cyber" as a catch-all for everything connected to computers? Thanks.

PS: When you leave a laptop full of citizen's private information on the bus, and a million people's social security numbers turn up on pastebin the next day, that's called "negligence" not "a cyberattack".

Comment: Re:The good news (Score 1) 700

by Cid Highwind (#48214089) Attached to: FTDI Reportedly Bricking Devices Using Competitors' Chips.

That only worked because the people harmed by having their satellite cards bricked were willfully infringing DirecTV's copyrights, and suing DTV for frying their smartcards would be admitting it in court. At absolute best the pirates might get triple actual damages, but 3x the cost of a smartcard is next to nothing, and then the counter-suits would have been a slam dunk for DTV to win $750,000 statutory damages from each of them.

If FTDI wants to use that strategy they're going to have to contend that every end-user of a device with a counterfeit FTDI chip knew it was fake. Doesn't sound plausible to me, but the US courts are generally tech-idiotic so I suppose it's not entirely impossible.

Comment: Re:not supposed to be on the web! (Score 3, Insightful) 329

by Cid Highwind (#48019039) Attached to: Bash To Require Further Patching, As More Shellshock Holes Found

And it's the developers of all those packages and distros that symlink /bin/sh to bash instead of something minimal and well-audited that we should be screaming at. But "remote root exploit in bash" is sexier (after all, Apple doesn't put procmail on every Mac) so that's what goes in the headline.
...and next time someone goes on a rant about systemd versus "the Unix way", remember that daemons passing input from the network to /bin/sh is part of "the Unix way".

Comment: Re:Sub Reddits that still aren't banned... (Score 1) 307

"In a Reddit thread under the title “Every Man Is Responsible For His Own Soul” [sic], Mr Wong wrote: “I did not say ‘we won’t ban any subreddits ever’. I said that we don’t ban subreddits for being morally bad."

Mr. Wong, with all due respect (that's not much for the record). Horse. Fucking. Shit.

  If you make a rule against X (and ban X-related subreddits) but not rules against Y and Z, you're making a moral statement that Y and Z are more acceptable than X. There's just no other coherent reading of those rules. If you're trying to make a community where bestiality and racism are considered morally better than leaked celebrity nudes, that's fine - it's your site, but have the spine to fucking own it.

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