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Comment: Re:Compatibility (Score 2) 1027

by CiarnOS (#40324869) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's Your Beef With Windows Phone?

Surely this should be modded funny. Apple lock in is definitely one of the reasons that platform is here forever.

I have a WP7. I like it. It does all that I need in a nice quick manner.
The "social" integration is exceptional. Communication is easier for me with this device.
There are easy to access and use settings to disable location and M$ information sharing.
Apps tell you explicitly what access they get before you download them with a warning for location sharing apps.
M$ has been true the Antitrust minefield they have a vested interest in not abusing the sh!te out me using their product.
iOS and Android are much the same, Microsoft innovated and did something Original with Metro, and I think they may actually be on to something.

Also how many people saying WP is unfinished are using a Linux Desktop? *ducks*

Comment: The Blog Post is Very Relevant in IRELAND (Score 1) 427

by CiarnOS (#36644442) Attached to: Calling BS On Unpaid Internships

As you may know Ireland is suffering a financial crisis.

Jobs being lost, taxes up, wages down, IMF and EU keeping things ticking over etc..

We up until recently had a state funded project called "Work Placement Programme". Basically companies generously gave jobs to recently unemployed skilled people to help them upskill and the state paid the wages with our overly generous social welfare system. The employee kept whatever welfare benefit they were entitled to while unemployed. A single person gets €200 a week + rent + free healthcare. This has lead to a situation where small to medium size companies and professional service providers such as solictors, doctors etc.. now get state funded secretaries, admin staff, web designers, architects, accountants or whatever for free. so unsurprisingly they are not really hiring people.

Given the enormous success of that scheme at generating political approval for those that seek such things a new scheme has been introduced called Jobs Bridge. In this scheme the state will now pay more than the social welfare payment the person would have been entitled to to provide free labour to profitable companies that want to help the state by generously taking on the free staff.

By and large the people being hired are qualified and experienced all ready.
By and large jobs for admin type work have disappeared.
By and large jobs for lower end IT Tech have disappeared.
By and large Jobs for Web Design, Graphic design etc.. have disappeared.

This is all because the state is paying for companies to have FREE labour.

It's depressing being here at the moment to be honest.


Comment: Re:IE? Seriously? (Score 1) 142

by CiarnOS (#32938062) Attached to: Adding CSS3 Support To IE 6, 7 and 8 With CSS3 Pie

I use IE7 within Citrix to browse Slashdot because I cannot do so on the desktop with Opera.

I have a manager who is afraid of technology.
I'm assuming that's a shocking amount of IT Managers which means old browsers are going to be used indefinitely
with something like this the standards can already be be in place for future browser upgrades.

Comment: This is huge progress for Internet Standards (Score 1) 142

by CiarnOS (#32937906) Attached to: Adding CSS3 Support To IE 6, 7 and 8 With CSS3 Pie

If CSS3 Pie can gain traction among developers this will push the benefits of a unified Code Standard massively.

A site can be written in CSS3 now and work almost everywhere. If IE9 can get it all right the transition to an open
playing field for any group creating a browser will make life easier for developers and i hate to say it but users too.

"An organization dries up if you don't challenge it with growth." -- Mark Shepherd, former President and CEO of Texas Instruments