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Comment Re:The hybrid solution is the best... (Score 1) 213

Because the hybrid solution isn't the best - it's no better than a slightly more fuel-efficient car.

Add to that the fact that hybrids have both electric and petrol engines - so there is more maintenance and more things that could go wrong. Compare to a pure EV which has no need for spark plugs, exhaust, transmission, catalytic converters, etc....

Who cares how many electric charging stations there are when an EV driver wakes up every day with full range? Unlike petrol and hydrogen, where no filling stations results in your vehicle becoming a very heavy paperweight, EVs can take advantage of existing electricity networks and outlets. Fast charging stations are a bonus, not a necessity.

Comment Re:"controversial" broadband plan? (Score 1) 67

If you know more I'd be very interested to hear what you have to say. AFAIK the Government directive was for 90% or more to be FTTH, and they were able to extend that to 93%.

It hasn't been stated officially, but assuming the NBN is completed in its current format, I would bet that post completion the FTTH footprint would continue to grow; in the same way that when bitumen roads first became commonplace, there were some areas that remained gravel or dirt, but over the years many of these roads have become sealed.

I'm sure that the wireless/sat percentages will vary, given that some councils and residents are protesting the wireless tower locations, and the government wants to get it all done by 2015. I assume that if they can't get a fixed wireless solution for an area, those households will get satellite?

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