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Comment Re:Privacy in danger (Score 1) 476

Yeah, I told microsoft in their survey that although my upgrade to 10 was splendid, colleagues, friends and relatives would probably stick with XP and Vista, so there was no point in recommending 10 to them.

(And that's for 2008 era Core 2 Duos that would easily meet the hardware requirements...)

Comment Re:Privacy in danger (Score 2) 476

Windows 10 is trying to compete with Android and iOS in making a cloud connected app platform. In that respect I don't see Win10 as any more or less 'evil' than the other two players.

Whether that belongs in a traditional desktop operating system is another debate.

Comment Re:I can't bring myself to care (Score 1) 292

if you're going to goof off at work

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

And workplace productivity improved 10%. Suck it up princesses, if you want to play solitaire at work, it's only fair you buy your own copy!

Comment Re:Choice in Firefox OS? (Score 1) 367

Do ZTE market phones in the US, like they do in Australia, where you can pick up an Android handset at the supermarket with your groceries? If so, contact the distributor - the Open C runs Firefox OS and there was a model update Open L rumoured in the pipeline back at the mobile conference a few months back.

Failing that, get a Nexus 4/5 and flash a nightly build. But if you just want to see the platform in action, you can load an emulator right in Firefox via the WebIDE menu item.

Comment Re:IE all over again (Score 1) 367

Except that there's historical precedent with the European Union.

[I'm typing this on Firefox in Windows 10 Home!]

They should tread lightly as far as regulation. Another thing that I'm sure will cause authorities to froth at the mouth is the wifi sharing. ISP lobbyists mightn't like customers sharing. Of course the 3 letter agencies might actually enjoy it - catch one bad guy and you can track down all his friends via 7-degrees-of-BinLaden.

Comment Re:If you think Windows is bad (Score 1) 367

Well the whole point of Boot To Gecko is to, well, boot to gecko. When everything is a HTML5 document running inside a web engine atop a Linux kernel, the concept of a 'Browser' is meaningless. There is an icon on Firefox OS called Browser but it launches as just another app.

With a chunk of work could swap out Gecko for Blink and more or less you'd have Chromium OS.

Comment Re:Which is why you don't let this stuff connect.. (Score 1) 98

(1) I'm not sure on the specifics of phones/watches but in my country, one can claim as a tax deductibility a 'salary sacrifice' if equipment is used for work purposes. e.g. that $70/month shiny iPhone 6 plan might be subsidized by the government if you BYOD but maybe not if it's purely for personal use.

(2) I'm surprised hypervisors with dual SIM haven't caught on yet. i.e. you run your own personal stack as the host OS and work provides you with a secure encrypted image to load as the guest OS. That way they only have control of the virtualized environment which is remotely scrubbed on employment termination or theft.

Comment Re:A month with a Ubuntu phone (Score 4, Insightful) 118

Well I for one am content with a 'dumbphone'.

I have a desktop PC for my computing needs and the cloud services I need while in transit are adequately served by the web. If I'm restless on public transport I'll whip out my e-reader and read a chapter of a book rather than fiddling with an app.

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