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Comment Re:16:9? (Score 1) 168

pro-tip: dual external monitors.

One landscape, one rotated for portrait.

I am studying at university. Portrait is great for viewing most documents for print except when book chapters from the library are scanned in landscape in 2-page view. Landscape is fine for web pages that wrap text horizontally but not so much when they have fixed width margins for ads on the side.

Comment Re:Ban cars (Score 1) 278

When I was hiking around Lake Louise, Alberta the owner at the lodge I was staying at gave me a canister of pepper spray. In 5 days I didn't see a single bear and one of the locals said it was extremely rare to sight one and that I should feel privileged to meet one rather than spraying capsicum in her eyes.

So yeah, I'm all for arming bears if it means they don't get fumigated by witless tourists.

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