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Comment: Re:Would it matter? (Score 1) 350

Yes, the audio cable works as an antenna. It also works with portable, wired, speakers.

No one listens to music while walking the dog or jogging, or have they all switched to bluetooth? Headphones are very popular with commuters who crave a reason not to strike up conversations with random travellers!

I must buy one of those gamer headsets that cover your ears. I find bud-style earphones annoying as they inevitably fall out when the wearer inadvertently yanks at the cord.

Comment: Re:Look at previous disasters (Score 2) 350

It depends on where you live.

For a city person, the chances of a Gozilla attack or zombie apocalypse are, admittedly fairly remote.

In remote areas prone to natural disasters, radio can be used effectively by emergency services to inform local residents. e.g. bushfires. though my state plans to use SMS.

Comment: Re:I want to try it (Score 1) 229

by ChunderDownunder (#49492007) Attached to: GNU Hurd 0.6 Released

For such a tiny developer base, writing drivers is a wasted effort if hardware has a Linux driver available under a compatible license.

What they ought focus on is a compatibility sandbox to load an arbitrary Linux kernel module and only then write *native* drivers where it makes architectural sense for performance or security reasons.

Input Devices

Finding an Optimal Keyboard Layout For Swype 140

Posted by Soulskill
from the designed-for-2015 dept.
New submitter Analog24 writes: The QWERTY keyboard was not designed with modern touchscreen usage in mind, especially when it comes to swype texting. A recent study attempted to optimize the standard keyboard layout to minimize the number of swype errors. The result was a new layout that reduces the rate of swipe interpretation mistakes by 50.1% compared to the QWERTY keyboard.

Comment: Leaf to Home (Score 2) 281

by ChunderDownunder (#49451127) Attached to: The Myth of Going Off the Power Grid

Storing excess solar in one's car battery sounds like a plan. The leaf has a 24KW capacity with a 170km range. For a modest 2 person household that uses less than 10KW a day and typically drives a max of 60km in a single day in the suburbs, it makes sense.

If the economics match up, of course and I'm sure they won't at least until the price of solar panels and electric cars falls drastically with economies-of-scale and/or subsidies. $AU40K for a hatchback (on Nissan's website) sounds excessive; these things aren't mass-sold in my country.

Comment: Re:Android on a full burn (Score 1) 22

Too much heat. It's not a market where a noisy fan is going to win sales.

(By comparison Apple's new fanless Macbook uses a Core M, rather than a more powerful CPU)

But if you want to build your own, there's the android-x86 project for porting it to generic hardware...

Comment: Re:As long as I don't have to press #1 (Score 1) 626

Wait 'til "Canadian Ted" Cruz becomes your president, overthrows the Castro regime and sends a twentieth of the island's population to the mainland as language teachers.

2017: USA officially bilingual in English and Spanish - thence a compulsory subject! :)

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