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Comment: Re:Why do this in the first place? (Score 1) 90

I don't think SpiderMonkey/Gecko are the villains here. Specs are in order to reach a price point.

Profit margins on a $25 device are zilch, so manufacturers need to cut corners by releasing products unsuited to a 2015 era OS. Try running iOS 8 or Android 5 on a handset with 128MB and a Cortex A5 CPU - that's a phone released in 2014 with specs equivalent to an iPhone 1 or a Nokia 97 from last decade.

By comparison on better hardware - Performance on their reference phone, the Flame, is decent. ZTE are releasing the Open-L this month with a quad core Snapdragon 210. Hardly iPhone 6 territory but still - The previous model has been retailing for about $US77 here in Australia. When my Flame breaks I'll willingly shell out the dough...

Comment: Re:Counter attack (Score 1) 225

by ChunderDownunder (#49761017) Attached to: Google Developing 'Brillo' OS For Internet of Things
I'd rather JanOS gain traction.

The video from the JSConf is fun. A "software guy" smashes open his €60 phone to extract the main board, fully scriptable from JavaScript accessible via the Firefox development tools.

This could see a hobbyist after-market for phones with cracked screens... Built in wifi, bluetooth, GPS, 4G, camera etc.

Comment: Re:Sudafed (Score 2) 333

Next Australians will be stopped at airport security for smuggling.

Security Goon: "We detected a suspicious dark slurry in your luggage"
Bloke: "Strewth mate, I'm not stupid enough to bring drugs into a country, with the tragic deaths of Chan and Sukumaran..."
SG: "The canister gave off a salty odour. We fed a sample to our narcotics canine Charlie, who is now convulsing on the floor"
Bloke: "Sorry um that's just my Vegemite. I have it on toast for breakfast"
SG: "You eat that stuff? Surely not!"
Bloke: "Honest to Warnie, I swear. Got any bread on ya?"
SG: "(sniffs and dry retches) No one could stomach that!"
Security Goon 2: "Chemical analysis reveals a high concentration of morphine. Lock him up for ten years"

Comment: Re:Maybe people are not desperate (Score 2) 294

Here's a coverage map -

Most of the population centres, it seems.

I wonder if they have managed to produce any *decent*, affordable Android phones out of Tierra del Fuego yet. That silly electronics tax that just hikes up the prices of international brands, so I'd be curious if they have produced quality tech competitive of what's coming out of Asia. They have the same 240V wall sockets as here in Australia - so I could use my electrical devices there but allegedly the wiring was crippled slightly different to disallow exporting Argentinian goods to Australia without regulatory oversight? Well it's all micro-usb now anyway, at least for phones...

Comment: Re:PDF retains the layout (Score 1) 200

by ChunderDownunder (#49695823) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Is the Best Open Document Format?
PDF is a print format, which is fine if your audience is going to print it out on a piece of A4 paper - though I think yanks have their own standard. :)

But they don't generally reflow. e.g. Viewing a document formatted for portrait on landscape monitor, journal articles with multiple columns, reading on a 4" smartphone are challenges for reading onscreen.

Comment: Re:Pass because the price point is too high (Score 1) 80

'Whiney' or not, it's enough to be an annoyance. From the article:

While power consumption is relatively low versus a desktop system, it is high enough to require some decent cooling. When under load, the fan in the NUC5i7RYH can get quite loud. When idling or just doing basic tasks, the system is very quiet. But under load, it is clearly audible and is noisy enough to disrupt a home theater environment, etc.

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