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Comment: What about something from the actual 21st century? (Score 1) 726

by Chuk (#40403865) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Science-Fiction/Fantasy For Kids?
I am boggled at everyone suggesting stuff that was already old when I was a kid. There's plenty of modern SF themed stuff. I guess there is more fantasy and more for older kids, but what about something like Colfer's Artemis Fowl? Would you count something from a modern extended universe, like Pokemon books or Star Wars? (I am not sure what you're kid's reading level is at, but there are Star Wars for pretty much any reading level.) Or maybe gateway stuff like comics, or books about comic characters? Does Iron Man count as SF?
User Journal

Journal: Bye CmdrTaco

Journal by Chuk

I will be sad to see CmdrTaco go, but I haven't been on /. that much since I started using Google Reader (I still see the articles and jump through, but don't spend much time actually logged in). I didn't even know hemos was gone...

Comment: Re:But I'm lazy..... (Score 1) 240

by Chuk (#32583762) Attached to: Nintendo Announces Raft of New Games, 3DS Details

Imagine playing a game like Team Fortress 2 with the Wii Remote, it would be terrible there is a reason why I'm not a sniper in real life, I don't like holding my arm at an angle for extended periods of time in a single spot.

I know -- I'd totally want a job where I got to shoot people in the head, but that whole holding my arm at an angle thing was a deal-breaker.

Comment: Re:[long_no] (Score 1) 106

by Chuk (#31932886) Attached to: EA Launches <em>Ultima</em>-Based Browser Game

Richard Garriot said that EA demanded the entire U9 team move over to focus on UO, and then nearly 3 years into development, EA demanded they basically scrap the whole game to focus on a new 3D engine and start from scratch.

That being said, EA owns Bioware, perhaps the best RPG shop today. Richard Garriot isn't working for NC Soft anymore. Can bridges be mended? Most people today have heard the name Ultima, but they've never played the old Ultima games. The original trilogy was all over the place to begin with. Hobbits and such just disappeared from existence.

Why not reboot the Ultima franchise? No new worlds. No samurai. Just do Sosaria properly in an engine like Oblivion or Dragon Age.

Somebody mod this guy up.

Comment: Re:Doubt it will ever get made (Score 1) 349

by Chuk (#31850240) Attached to: Joss Whedon To Direct <em>The Avengers</em>

There is no way that a) Downey is going to agree to doing an ensemble picture as a bit player after headlining 2+ Iron Man movies, or b) That the studio is going to spring for the big money it would take to hire him, just for an ensemble role in a risky new franchise.

Yeah, if Downey wouldn't play Stark in The Hulk, then why would he do it in The Avengers?

"Success covers a multitude of blunders." -- George Bernard Shaw