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Comment Go Xoom (Score 1) 396

Just get the Xoom... It's simply the best option right now in practically all respects... (best network, fastest processor, Honeycomb, thin, durable, great price point, on & on & on...)... You have to start somewhere so why not start with the what's currently best?

Comment It's still a $100 Laptop (Score 1) 356

All of the extraneous crap that adds on to the cost of using said laptop would be applied no matter what the cost of the hardware was.

If it costs $100 to produce the $100 laptop and it costs $400 to produce a $400 laptop... then if my math is correct... that would be around $300 less expensive... (I don't have a calculator handy right now)... shipping the $100 laptop would probably cost about the same unless it weighs a few tons more than the $400 laptop (I'm lousy with measurements... I'm not sure if the weight of laptops is measured in tons or milliwatts)... so I think the $400 laptop is still more expensive...

Unless you want the $100 laptop in black... that incurs a $1200 service charge and you have to shave your pubes with that option... but on the other hand you get a free printer... so it's still not a total loss.

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