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Comment I actually had to read the article... (Score 1) 435

Since the summary was kinda useless.

I'm not quite sure that this sentence below works to provide the perspective he wanted to convey

To put its age into perspective: Gmail is older today than Hotmail was when Gmail made its debut a decade ago.

So, Hotmail was less than 10 years old, 10 years ago...?


Girl Quits On Dry Erase Board a Hoax 147

suraj.sun writes "It's the same old story: young woman quits, uses dry erase board and series of pictures to let entire office know the boss is a sexist pig, exposes his love of playing FarmVille during work hours." Story seem too good to be true? It probably is, at least according to writer Peter Kafka. Even so, Jay Leno and Good Morning America have already reached out to "Jenny."

Comment Re:Docking station? Who cares? (Score 1) 510

Unless you're using a laptop stand a laptop is horrible ergonomically to work on, even with external keyboard and mouse the monitor is the big contender - too low for proper use.

I love my docking station, I have my keyboard, mouse, network all hooked up along with two 22" monitors, drop my laptop in and power it up and I'm ready to roll. Without the docking station I could only drive one external monitor and would have to use the laptop monitor as my second screen.

The laptop itself provides the flexibility to work from home, in meetings or travel.

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