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Comment: Bicycles (Score 1) 717 717

Just have the automakers buy a controlling interest in the bicycle manufacturers. Enough to include one bicycle in their numbers. The undefined miles per gallon of gasoline will throw the whole system into disarray. This was tried by including electric cars in the equation, but those figures can still be traced back to a gallon on gasoline, no matter how small the fraction of each burned gallon of gas used to generate electricity would be. Of course this is also ruined if the cyclist is huffing gasoline fumes.

Comment: Re:Original Pentium (Score 1) 209 209

When I was a Facilities Engineer I had a lot of problems with people placing their desktops/laptops with the exhaust facing the zone thermostat. I would get calls that they were freezing cold and alarms that zone temperature was too high because the thermostat was reading the exhaust tempreature.

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