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Comment Does that mean we can send them against GPL and CC (Score 1) 533

violators? If so, it's not so bad. I wouldn't mind some government goons busting down the doors of Verizon and the like. These days GPL software and CC music (and some books) are better than stuff controlled by restrictive copyright terms anyway. Hell last night I was listening to some Mongolian punk music with lyrics on the topic of Dragon Ball Z, then some Australian-Indian Hare Krishna techno. Where would you ever find that in the aisles of Virgin records? Lots of good books these days are being released under one or the other of the CC licenses, and there's plenty of interesting public domain stuff from last century and before. Put down that trashy war novel and go read some real military history. Books not out of copyright, especially technical books, can often be found at your local university engineering library. The only media that's hard to find for free without of course pirating are movies and TV, but the content of most modern televisual entertainment means you aren't really losing anything by skipping it.

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