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Comment: Re:Game Nostalgia Thread (Score 1) 218

by Christoffer777 (#40861073) Attached to: Commodore 64 turns 30

Okay, let's chat about the fun games of the day.

I'll open with Rags to Riches, Ultimate Wizard, and a Pacman clone PacLips.

Kickstart II. The amount of time I wasted on that motorcycle trail like game was insane.

"Save New York"? The one where you flew planes to protect the city and also could land and go below ground. It was a coop game where you were supposed to protect against invaders, but it always turned into a free for all. We also turned on the buildings and tried to flatten the city without getting killed by the UFOs.

Fun times indeed. My whole computer experience started with the C64 and I still listen to SID tunes at work when I reaaaally need to get into a programming mode. I also have a ton of SID remixes.

Is still around? They had the most awesome remixes of SID tunes.

Ah, nothing beats nostalgia with some background tunes of International Karate or Last Ninja. Or Commando... Hmm, I'm off to listen to some tunes again :)

+ - University of Bergen, Norway, scraps Solaris->

Submitted by Christoffer777
Christoffer777 writes: The University of Bergen, Norway, has decided to phase out and replace their Solaris based file servers after lack of support from Oracle.
According to Thomas Evensen, head of IT, they do not trust that Oracle has the capacity to figure out what is wrong and give them proper support. He claims that Oracle does not have the technical expertise to diagnose the problem, that it probably has to do with all the Sun employees that have left since Oracle took over, and that escalating the problem within Oracle has taken a long time. It seems that their plan is to move to some form of Linux.

For those who do not understand Norwegian, they do not have an English version, so you will have to try your luck with a translator.

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Comment: Re:Cheap or low power? (Score 1) 133

by Christoffer777 (#32676592) Attached to: Nintendo 3DS GPU Revealed
To me, it can also make perfect sense. If it is one thing Nintendo has gotten right lately, it is that not everyone are willing to pay 399$ just go get the hottest graphics possible. It is also about gameplay. Fine, they may fail to sell to some people that are all about performance and graphics etc. but they will make up for it in selling at a much more affordable price and with good games with decent enough graphcis.

Comment: Re:What part of "use a proxy" can't he understand? (Score 2, Interesting) 577

by Christoffer777 (#30806284) Attached to: Police In Britain Arrest Man For Bomb-Threat Joke On Twitter
If the editor decides not to publish an article for fear of his own life or security, it is too late to start worrying!

If you don't fight these forces/tendencies all the time, suddenly you will wake up in a situation that you cannot change, or is much, much harder to change peacefully.

It should be easier to defend against this stuff than to let it happen and then try to change it back.

This battle requires constant vigilance, not complacency until the point where you suddenly have to revolt or migrate to keep the same level of freedom/security. btw, how do you format paragrap

Comment: Re:Responsible Disclosure (Score 1) 220

by Christoffer777 (#30735044) Attached to: Firm To Release Database, Web Server 0-Days
I believe he/she meant that you are probably not against the concept of choice and you are not against the concept of life or right to life either. Then being able to choose to end a life becomes quite the paradox now, doesn't it? It then turns into a philosophical/religious discussion of where we deem the limit/definition of life to be.

Comment: Re:The only people who have anything to whine abou (Score 1) 341

by Christoffer777 (#30669862) Attached to: EA Shutting Down Video Game Servers Prematurely
So let me see if I get this. Because they are known to shaft their customers, you side with EA? Would it not be better to say, told you so, but EA is still in the wrong and siding with the customers? Some of their games are quite good and many may want to buy and play them. Just because they have shafted people before, does that mean that any new customers deserve it as well? It boggles the mind.

Comment: Re:What about a game with a programming mini-game? (Score 1) 142

by Christoffer777 (#25296745) Attached to: Working Calculator Created in <em>LittleBigPlanet</em>

Well, you always have the programming games, like AT-Robots ( You program a robot to fight in an arena. There are many varieties in this genre, with many different "languages", but what I like with AT-Robots, is that it is assembly style, with interrupts and registers etc. In many ways, it actually feels like you are programming a cpu in that robot, interfacing with all the hardware.

I found it quite educational when I first came over it in my Uni days and actually submitted a crude first attempt in one of the arranged ladders.

The toolset is solid and without bugs (which cannot be said for all of these types of "games").

I think the whole thing is made in Turbo Pascal. There is a very nice graphical representation of the "fighting" between the robots.
Definetly worth checking out if you like pogramming games in general.


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