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Comment Re: Lol. (Score 0) 698 698

I hope you're kidding. I very much doubt this technology is limited to sound recognition. To casually bring in a speaker capable of the volume of a gunshot is laughable in the least. Not to mention, many gunshot sounds effects you find are bound to sound nothing like the real thing.

Comment Certainly will be interesting: (Score 0) 132 132

In terms of business and certain privacy concern intensive work, the constant shrinking of recording technology like cameras and the increasing undetectability of such devices makes for an interesting future, as far as secrets and company trust is concerned.

Then again, we can generally hope that as the technology to make these devices advances, so does the technology to be able to find them.

Comment Re:Lack of empathy (Score 0) 464 464

The lesson here appears to be, if you're capable of scamming people online, then you deserve the money and your victims are morons.

I don't think the issue here is whether or not the person doing the scamming deserves to have the money, but whether or not the person being scammed deserves to have that money. If you're stupid enough to *ever* wire money to Nigeria nowadays (Nigerian royalty, anyone?), you give that money up right away.

Comment Missing the point... (Score 0) 237 237

Facebook games do often seem a simple waste of time, and as they may be simple, approaching them from this perspective is a bit unfair. What is any game but a long sequence of taps and clicks? All any game on Facebook, Farmeville, Mafia Wars, etc., is only a simpler sequence.

Comment A good investment (Score 0) 170 170

If only five of these bikes are ever going to be sold, it sounds like a good investment. There's always the chance that Tron: Legacy is a terrible movie and you end up with a replica of something from a terrible movie no one cares about, but hey, investments are gambles, right?

Comment Re:Do not just type. Do something to help him! (Score 0) 199 199

You bring up a good point about the Russians as a whole. Yes, there are plenty of them that are good people, but you can find good people in any country. I don't think "reporter" meant to insult the people of Russia, but its government ONLY, a field in which America is still winning. Hey, I wish it was different, but it isn't.

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