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Comment Re:Wait, what? You can see other peoples' wallets? (Score 4, Informative) 75

A bitcoin isn't a "thing". It's an entry in a public ledger that says "wallet X paid wallet Y 0.001BTC". All* the wallets start out at 0 and if you want to see how much money wallet Y has now, you start at the beginning and add all the payments into it and subtract all the payments out of it. Example:

has 0 BTC balance after receiving 3 payments and making 3 payments (the tiny fraction of a BTC missing each transaction is the fee paid to miners to process it).

As for anonymity, I normally have no way of telling you who 1ENYmn1eCWPa4MFD4VU9wUFqLrzPcqUgaY is. But if one of those payments there was made from an ATM that converts money to BTC (and takes a photo) or one of those debits was sent to a drug dealer who mailed the drugs to the wallet owner's home address, then got busted by the cops who got a customer list, then it could be figured out.

Comment Punish people for following rules YOU WROTE? (Score 0) 354

It's not illegal, so Obama needs to shut the fuck up about what's 'patriotic'.

The government writes the rules; if they're too stupid to write rules that aren't gameable, they're idiots.

If our corporate taxes are so high (the highest statutory rate in the industrialized world, and nearly the highest effective rate (2nd to New Zealand)) that businesses are driven to shenanigans like this (which certainly wasn't cost- or challenge-free for the company), then clearly our tax rate is too high.

It's TRUE globalization, kids; not only will companies go overseas to find cheaper workers if there's no added value to having some lazy American do the work, companies will go overseas if the savings found in moving offset the relative inconvenience of having their hq elsewhere.

Comment Is he suing his sister too? (Score 2) 763

...since they'd removed the cuffs, and she asked them to re-cuff him to she could take the much-ballyhoo'd picture? Surely being re cuffed induced some of his "suffering"?

For those countering the suspicion that surrounded this kid's actions with "why would he possibly put himself through this? What did he have to gain?"...there's 15 million reasons for you.

Comment Re:Your reply is bad and you should feel bad (Score 1) 385

Because that would harm existing operations!

Yeah! Terrorists aren't like Marvin the Martian wondering where the America-shattering kaboom they were expecting is, no, they assume that if they didn't hear about the explosion it's because Allah made all the idiots in America not notice the explosion. Imagine the harm if they realized that all the times their shit didn't blow up it was because the government stopped them!

Comment Bad choice (Score 2, Insightful) 142

Cutting Crimea off from Ukraine is only going to strengthen Russia's hold on it (especially after Russia comes in to save the day with electricity). And if these people thought they were being repressed before, well, I'd hate to be a Tatar now that they're responsible for turning off everyone's electricity.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 98

"I think the worst peace is better than the greatest war victory."
Ridiculous, and the sort of banal nonsense statement that can only come from someone who hasn't really understood what it's like to be oppressed.

Comment Re:No, I'm really not (Score 1) 313

The thing is, I don't want to count on everyone having the latest version.

Yes you do. That way developers using those bleeding-edge features can find the rough edges and get them fixed, and you can use their tested descendants a year later. If those features aren't delivered to end users, no one can test and learn from them and they don't become mainstream.

Comment Re:Stalking Horse? (Score 1) 137

Thus for most normal Blackberry users (non-corporate), their secure end to end communications begin and end at Blackberry's servers.

That's not a definition of "end to end" that I'm familiar with. Beyond that, how does Blackberry's "network operator" setup differ from Apple's Messages where Apple handles the message routing and delivery, except that Apple devices encrypt and decrypt on the user's hardware (which is the normal definition of "end to end")?

Comment Good! (Score 1) 98

Good, I'm delighted they're finally doing that.
1) serious research into living, working, traveling into space will only come when it's militarily significant

2) even better if the primary sphere of conflict between great powers moves off earth; rather than a hair-trigger annihilatory balance here, better by far that the meaningful fight takes place out there and that whoever loses is so out-matched by the result that there's no point in fighting here on earth.

Comment In point of fact (Score 1) 50

Mystery Science Theater began its run in the Twin Cities, I believe it was on channel 23? later on Saturday mornings, in the late 80s.

I had the good fortune to work briefly in high school with Trace Beaulieu (he was Lex Luthor), after which I'd heard about this new thing he was doing.

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