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Comment The British have known the answer for years (Score 1) 167

How To Make Messages Easy For an Alien Race To Understand

Just speak loudly, use short sentences and include what ever small bits of any foreign language you know. If they don't understand speak in an adulterated way:

Englishman to Alien: Me Human. You Alien. We Friends. Comprendrez?
Alien to Englishman: (some sort of bioluminescent flashing)
Englishman to Alien: Huuuuuuuman. Aleeean Frieeeends. Das ist gut, Jah?"
Alien to Englishman: (some sort of bioluminescent flashing)

Comment Re:I'm not convinced (Score 1) 281

Too bad, because the book constantly references OS360, whose development was the inspiration for the book. It's been a while since I've read it, but I don't remember it mentioning Unix, atleast not in any significant way.

Back in those days you typically has many small, single-purpose programs "piped" using files, regardless of the specific OS. Given the small memory sizes available, this was pretty much the only way to handle large jobs.

It's been a long time since I read it, I'm sure your right,

Comment Re:I'm not convinced (Score 1) 281

No, I don't remember that, seeing as how TMMM was published in the 70s, and Linux was released in the 90s.

If you meant Unix, then you're getting closer temporally, but you've still missed the target.

I'll assume your auto-correct substituted "Linux" when you really meant "OS360", but I'd like to see some examples of "discreet OS360 programs and pipes" to support your statement.

No I meant Unix

Comment I'm not convinced (Score 1) 281

Microservices may help parallelisation in one are, where the services are implemented. Designing and specifying the services and interfaces, then integrating and testing will have a complexity overhead. Also coordinating fixes and releases over a large number of developers will take longer. In most projects the advantage will be limited.

Remember when the mythical man month was written a microservice-like architecture of text based systems using lots of discreet Linux programs and pipes was quite common and heralded as a way of splitting down a system and allowing parallel development, so the concept was probably know to the author.

Comment Re:What about the minicabs and TFL? (Score 1) 215

The Knowledge is a real thing,

I think its another case of technology being ahead of legislation. The idea of the black cab rules was not to give a few guys a privilege for nothing. By insisting that they pass the knowledge people know that they will be driven by someone who knows where they are going, the quickest route in the current traffic conditions, and alternatives if there are accidents. Now a good sat nav with real-time traffic updates will do the same thing. Perhaps the need for the monoply has gone now.

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