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Comment: Can someone please explain (Score 1) 71 71

New Zealand, which has been used in the past by the National Aeronautical and Space Administration, is considered a prime location because rockets launched from that deep in the Southern hemisphere can reach a wide range of Earth orbits

OK New Zealand is 35 to 45 degrees south of the equator, while the USA (contiguous states) range from 25 to 47 degrees north.

Equitorial orbits are certainly best attained from launching near the equator. I'm not sure but I think that even non-equatorial orbits are best attained from a near equator launch to take advantage of the earth's rotational velocity then change the orbital plane. Even if some orbits are easier to attain when launched away from the equator, don't non-equitorial orbits swing as far North and as far South, meaning that New Zealand has no advantage over the USA?

Altogether it loooks like New Zealand is a particularly bad place to launch from, easily bettered by the southern USA or Northern Australia

Comment: Re:Could it be the people labelling the training d (Score 2) 351 351

I think we're looking for racism where there is none. Observing physical characteristics is not racism, and the fact of the matter is that some black people tend to have a more protruding jawline and fuller lips than one would see in a specific group of people who are caucasian. If you compare those two, very specific, physical characteristics with the great ape family, you see similarities.

Now, before anyone starts screaming about how I'm racist (too late), having one or two physical characteristics with another species, out of hundreds of physical characteristics, doesn't mean a damn thing when it comes to humans easily identifying people as not belonging to the same subgroup that shares those characteristics. It's the same reason why we don't think that someone with a striped mohawk is a zebra. We're able to take contextual clues and infer that that person is not, in fact, a zebra.

However, it DOES mean that an algorithm that has been largely trained on either insufficient or faulty data sets can make incorrect inferences based on the characteristics that it has been trained to recognize. If anybody is at fault here, it isn't the algorithm, but whatever engineer fed their image recognition an algorithm so woefully insufficient that it would confuse a human with an ape just based off of a physical characteristic or two out of any number of data points that would indicate, "Hey, this is obviously a human being".

Having done some random searches I agree this is just a mistake - and comparable to others. A few examples that I have found are
- a search for "dolphins" including a picture of my daughter swimming.
- a search for "squirrel" including meekcats
- a search for "cat" including some dogs
- a search for "ghost" including a slightly blurred picture of my wife
- a search for "man" showing some women and "woman" showing some men

Comment: Re: Aaah, I fucking LoL'd. Seriously! (Score 0, Troll) 399 399

How is the US "crazy" compared to the Muslim extremists running around Iraq etc and assisting with their group diet plan by removing parts of people's bodies?

To the Muzzy mind the US is crazy for supporting ungodly things like equality, rights for women, freedom of religion, LGBT rights, freedom of speech, etc.

Comment: They are looking forward (Score -1, Troll) 399 399

They are looking forward to the day that they can nuke the infidel, in which case it will be money well spent in their view. Remember Muslims are not rational enemies like the Soviet Union who saw Mutually Assured Destruction as a reason not to use nuclear weapons. On the contrary a counter-strike wiping them off the map would be seen as a bonus, guaranteeing the whole nation their 72 virgins.

Comment: Re:Sounds very much like (Score 1) 190 190

Uzi Nissan

Google Images fails to replicate the image that came to my mind with that name.

Think Mad Max.

I can't help thinking that if he had registered the website under his first name he might have had more issues than just being taken to court if he didn't hand it over. Cough ... MOSSAD .. Cough

Comment: Sounds very much like (Score 3, Interesting) 190 190

Sounds very much like Nissan Motors vs. Nissan Computer, where Nissan Motors tried to claim a domain registered before the Nissan name was commonly used (they were still naming cars Datsun at the time). Basically Nissan Computer wins case after case but the motor copmpany keeps trying and in the latest move is trying for a federal trademark for the business of computers and accessories.

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