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Comment Re:I'll lay money (Score 2, Insightful) 349

An interesting bet. How many of the high-school / college mass killings in USA were done by the religion of peace, do you reckon?

Not many, but this one is a conspiracy of four. While its possible that four lone loonies found each-other it is much more likely that they were all muslim, and that way knowing that they would at least not get reported for telling each other their plans.

Comment What some people fail to realise is that a lot of (Score 0) 576

What some people fail to realise is that a lot of immigrants are of benefit. Skilled professionals from India, laborers from Eastern Europe are all good. And when the Muslims rise up against us they will be on our side, so the more the better

Comment Re:Group work in school (Score 1) 307

Gods, how I hated that crap.

If I am going to succeed or fail in school it should NOT be based on the morons the teacher groups me with, but on my own capabilities.

In my memory of my school years, group work inevitably devolved into the rest of the group chatting among themselves while I did the work anyway.

I'm an introvert (INTP) and I actually enjoyed group work in small groups, when we could choose our own group. We had a guy that could calculate anything accurately and quickly (pre calculator), a guy that could build any experimental rig accurately, and a couple who could work out what needed calculating and building. Oh and a guy who thought up fun variations ... like "now lets try it with twice as much Sodium and boiling water".

Comment Re:Link to Reuters News Story... (Score 3, Interesting) 161

Yes, it has been confirmed. All current VW models in the US do now use urea injection, by the way.

Why the hangup over this particular emissions control technique?

From what I have read in Europe at least there is a perceived consumer resistance to urea injection, as it is seen as "something else that needs to be bought and paid for". It looks like in practice its not a big issue, with it costing under 1% of the fuel costs and only needing filling every 10,000 miles. Hell, in my younger days I needed a new set of tyres every 10,000 miles - though my driving has settled down a bit since then!

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