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Comment Re:First post! (Score 1) 211

It seems aimed at big "IT Infrastructure" companies like ISPs, search engines and mail providers

No, it is/was aimed at any company willing to get involved. I went to one of their meetings and the whole thing kinda creeped me out. I got the distinct impression that we were expected to routinely rat out anyone we could find.

Comment Re:Summary of comments (Score 1) 650

Ha Ha, try this

looks to me like holographic theory is pretty much a causality model. there are hundreds of those and they have a hard time integrating into TOES. I figure causality at this point is mainly a philosophical inquiry. for instance, it looks to me that the dominate physics causality model goes something like: "Now" is a thin shell advancing in time and it contains all the causes for the next "Now". If you are a reductionist, this probably sounds fine, but if you are not, it is pretty silly.

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