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+ - How to help puzzle game players?->

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Chris_Jefferson writes "I work on a simple iPhone puzzle game, Combination. Probably the most frequent request I get from users is for an in-game hint system, to help them out on the harder problems. However, when I tried beta testing such a system, almost every user would just hammer the hint button as soon as they got stuck for longer than 30 seconds, spoiling (I believe) their enjoyment of the game.

Should games programmers decide they know what's best for users, and not give them features they are crying out for? Has anyone ever seen a good middle-ground, where users are helped, but can't just skip their way through the entire game?"

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+ - Setting up a new Wiki?

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Chris_Jefferson writes "Like many people before me, I want to set up a small wiki which will be accessable from the internet, which might grow into a large wiki. There seems to be almost as many wiki systems as there are wikis. Which ones are good to start out with? What kind of things are important to get right from day one if you don't want your wiki still-born? How easy is it to move all your data to a new wiki system as your needs grow?"

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