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Comment: Re:I had to look up sparse array (Score 1) 128 128

Would you really expect more? This test isn't a test for college grads- its a test for high school seniors to get them out of 1-2 semesters of bottom level CS courses, by proving they already know the basics. The point isn't to trick them or to expect them to know everything, its to see if they can save some time/money on intro level topics.

Comment: Re:It's all about the environment... (Score 2) 126 126

Different people do well in different environments. I've been where everyone had offices. It sucked. Complete lack of human interaction, very few work friendships, and a high bar to actual collaboration. I found it a depressing environment. I work in an open environment now. Once in a long while I'll have trouble concentrating due to noise. But that loss in productivity is absolutely crushed by the gains due to just being able to talk to people. And crushed by the increased productivity I have due to higher morale and more fun at work. I'd run away from any environment with offices.

Comment: Re:Mob Programming, huh? (Score 2) 126 126

No, design by committee fails because no matter how good the people are at their job, as you increase the number of people involved differences in opinion and politics magnify. Design by committee fails even if you have the best and brightest on the committee.

Comment: Re:Mob Programming, huh? (Score 1) 126 126

You're unlikely to simply accept a sub-par solution, because you've got a couple other programmers to readily suggest solutions you haven't thought of yet.

Absolutely wrong. If this was right, "design by comittee" wouldn't be a synonym for utterly fucked up. And the bigger the group, the more likely you are to just pick something to get the fights over with.

Comment: Re:Not sure what my employer is doing wrong (Score 2, Insightful) 179 179

If you want me to take less money, you need to provide additional value elsewhere. Better environment, equity, bonuses, vacation days, work/life balance, etc. If you don't why should I work for you over taking the money? If you do, you need to sell that.

But having positions open for 2 months, especially if you're looking for experienced developers, isn't uncommon- in fact if you were filling most of your positions in 2 months you'd be amazingly good at recruiting. Good developers are hard to find- that's why they're expensive. Decide what's more important to you- the value that having the role filled will bring the business, or the cost of actually making your offers competitive. If the second brings more value, up your offers.

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