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Comment Re:Credible, Really??? (Score 2) 110 110

I think common sense should prevail in situations like this. Some random twitter loser says he put bombs on two separate planes at the same time in different parts of the country? Not remotely credible. Are we going to shut down every airport in the country because he claims to have hidden a bomb "somewhere" in an airport? You get a random threat and you start looking more critically, but you don't shut down the runway for hours on end and detain hundreds of people (which is exactly what they did since the people on the planes were kept there for hours after they should have disembarked).

I agree that the guy was basically covering his ass, but he should be fired for being such a gullible idiot.

Comment Credible, Really??? (Score 3, Insightful) 110 110

TFA states that the guy posted to a twitter account stating that he put a bomb on a plane in Portland, and then posted again saying he placed one on a plane in Milwaukee. How the hell is that credible? He can be in two places at once? That didn't raise any flags about it being bogus? Airport spokesman Reese McCranie said "We believe the threats to be credible". Wow, just wow.

Comment Re: the one thing about comcast i could get behind (Score 1) 291 291

You think it is OK for Comcast to steal electricity from their customers? If they forced you to install a software application on your computer in order to use their service would you complain? What if that application was a bit coin miner and they kept all profits? See any problems now?

Comment Re: Socialism / fascism at its finest (Score 2) 69 69

"without having all the facts" So basically you are talking out of your ass and have no clue what your talking about. Apple committed a serious crime to hurt consumers. In a just world all the Apple executives that signed off on this would be in jail.

Comment Re:Those who have betrayed the USA are ... (Score 1) 110 110

I dispute your statement that collecting records of which phone number called another phone number is "blantanly unconstitutional". I didn't know numbers had constitutional rights. But regardless of that, how small do you think the NSA is? Do you think every one of the ~40,000 employees knows about every program? That is like saying that everyone that worked at Sony should have been fired for the whole rootkit fiasco. Imagine a tiny office of 20 people. Chances are there are things someone is working on in that tiny office that other people don't know about. If Sandra in payroll is embezzling money do you get thrown in jail for working at the same company? Just because there were a few bad apples doesn't mean snowden was this hero you people are trying to turn him into. If he stopped with the metadata program he might have had some sympathy, but revealing any secret he could get his hands on to hurt the US is the act of a traitor. There is no justification for that.

Comment Re:Do you get how Snowden's way was the only way? (Score 1) 110 110

I don't call him a traitor for leaking this instance of the metadata. I call him a traitor for abusing his position as a system administrator to download as much intelligence as possible and then releasing it with the sole intent to damage the US. How can ANYONE claim that isn't treason.

Comment Re:Damn NSA (Score 1) 110 110

It never spied on Americans, any more so that your phone company does for having records of who called who. The information would be used to find out who a criminal was talking to. Despite what the "news" might have reported, the NSA does not listen to everyone's phone conversations.

Comment Re:Not all spooks are bad (Score 2) 110 110

There was no "unconstitutional domestic spying". It was simply records of which phone number called another phone number. If you think that is spying then your phone company has been spying on you for decades. Stop parroting what you hear on the news and actually do some research yourself.

Comment Re:Not all spooks are bad (Score 0) 110 110

What is your justification for calling the NSA evil? Do you even know what the NSA does? So the NSA collected some records that said which phone numbers called other phone numbers. Big deal. How did that harm anyone? Even if that is outside their jurisdiction, how is that evil? Do you even know what evil is? Snowden was a traitor whom tried to hurt the NSA as much as he could because he was disgruntled (he was almost fired for incompetence). The only ones elevating him to hero status are the ones who are just parroting what they hear on Foxnews. You're not one of those people that thinks the NSA is listening to your phone calls are you?

Comment Re:Where should I apply? (Score 1) 198 198

"In the public sector, there's very little uncompensated overtime, you have a union that fights for yearly nearly guaranteed salary increases, and you most likely don't have to worry about your job being offshored

You must be talking about state/local governments. Federal workers have been getting vilified by the congress critters at every opportunity and in the past 4 years we have gotten 1 pay increase (of 1% - whoopee!). Unfortunately the cost of living has been going up every year so in effect we have less buying power. Congress continues to compare Apples to Oranges to justify paying federal workers less. An example would be comparing an entry level employee in the private sector to a position in the government that requires a Master's degree and 20 year experience. No joke, Ryan did just that. The job security is great, but things aren't as rosy as you think on this side of the fence.

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