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Comment But, it's up to.... (Score 2) 99

It says so...very clearly on page 23 of the fine print. It is the section entitled "You give us money and we might** give you service". **One day per year, on Feb 3rd during the hours of 2-3 am EST. Your results may vary, it which case your equipment is to blame. If you don't receive the advertised speeds during this time frame please contact customer support and we will be happy to walk you through the troubleshooting steps on our website that don't work.

Comment Re:A great cost (Score 1) 56

You are only throttled to 2G speeds AFTER you have consumed your data allotment. So in your example if you were only paying for 1GB per month you would start getting 2G speeds after 1GB is used. You shouldn't expect to continue surfing at full speed after you used your allotment. I'm glad they don't charge you additional fees for overages like AT&T and Verizon.

Submission + - Comcast's attempt to bash Google Fiber backfires

Chris453 writes: Comcast's Xfinity posted a snide comment on Facebook about Google Fiber's hiccup during a televised pro sports event. Comcast customers used the opportunity to fire back at the much-hated cable provider.

The first reply to the post said, "Screw yourself, Xfinity. Google Fiber has failed once, and you are failing continuously." Comcast deleted the thread but not before someone took a screenshot.

Comment Re:Record License Plate Number? (Score 2) 328

No-one cares if you "buy" their argument. In a civilized country with laws you cannot run people over because they got in your way. How could any SANE person think that someone standing behind your car gives you the right to run them over? Man, I hope no kids are riding their bikes in your neighborhood. Those protesters in front of those police cars, just run them over -- right? You are clearly deranged.

Comment Re:Seat-belt cut AFTER the "incident"? (Score 1) 328

Um.. they were trying to escape to avoid the Sheriff whom was on the way? I was pointing out how both sides could be true. Since the reporters didn't dispute Tesla's side, the only discrepancy is the reporters claiming that their window was broken and the seat-belt cut. A lot of people jumped on the reporters side after that claim because they assumed that the security guards broke the window first.

I never claimed to be a genius, but you were obviously shown to be a blubbering idiot.

Submission + - Google Fiber coming to San Antonio (kens5.com)

Chris453 writes: A major technology initiative that began with former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro nearly two years ago is finally coming to fruition.

Mayor Ivy Taylor announced Wednesday that Google Fiber will be coming to the Alamo City, bringing with it a fiberoptic network 100 times faster than the average Internet currently being used in the city.

Although the announcement came a little bit later than hoped for, it is a definite positive for the city. The fast-speed gig-network will allow customers to download HD movies or hundreds of songs in just a matter of seconds.

Mark Strama, head of Google Fiber Austin, said they will be deploying the process of moving Fiber into the city as quickly and efficiently as possible, but it will likely unfold over the next couple or few years.

"It is a major construction project," Strama said. "That is one of the reasons we've spent so much time in the due diligence phase."

However, Strama said while they are completing construction, they will stagger the service, meaning they will roll out the service to one neighborhood while still working on the next.

Comment Re:Credible, Really??? (Score 2) 110

I think common sense should prevail in situations like this. Some random twitter loser says he put bombs on two separate planes at the same time in different parts of the country? Not remotely credible. Are we going to shut down every airport in the country because he claims to have hidden a bomb "somewhere" in an airport? You get a random threat and you start looking more critically, but you don't shut down the runway for hours on end and detain hundreds of people (which is exactly what they did since the people on the planes were kept there for hours after they should have disembarked).

I agree that the guy was basically covering his ass, but he should be fired for being such a gullible idiot.

Comment Credible, Really??? (Score 3, Insightful) 110

TFA states that the guy posted to a twitter account stating that he put a bomb on a plane in Portland, and then posted again saying he placed one on a plane in Milwaukee. How the hell is that credible? He can be in two places at once? That didn't raise any flags about it being bogus? Airport spokesman Reese McCranie said "We believe the threats to be credible". Wow, just wow.

Comment Re: the one thing about comcast i could get behind (Score 1) 291

You think it is OK for Comcast to steal electricity from their customers? If they forced you to install a software application on your computer in order to use their service would you complain? What if that application was a bit coin miner and they kept all profits? See any problems now?

Comment Re:Those who have betrayed the USA are ... (Score 1) 110

I dispute your statement that collecting records of which phone number called another phone number is "blantanly unconstitutional". I didn't know numbers had constitutional rights. But regardless of that, how small do you think the NSA is? Do you think every one of the ~40,000 employees knows about every program? That is like saying that everyone that worked at Sony should have been fired for the whole rootkit fiasco. Imagine a tiny office of 20 people. Chances are there are things someone is working on in that tiny office that other people don't know about. If Sandra in payroll is embezzling money do you get thrown in jail for working at the same company? Just because there were a few bad apples doesn't mean snowden was this hero you people are trying to turn him into. If he stopped with the metadata program he might have had some sympathy, but revealing any secret he could get his hands on to hurt the US is the act of a traitor. There is no justification for that.

Comment Re:Do you get how Snowden's way was the only way? (Score 1) 110

I don't call him a traitor for leaking this instance of the metadata. I call him a traitor for abusing his position as a system administrator to download as much intelligence as possible and then releasing it with the sole intent to damage the US. How can ANYONE claim that isn't treason.

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