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by Chris453 (#47500075) Attached to: California In the Running For Tesla Gigafactory
Actually you might want to read the data in the link you just posted. There is a column label "Renewable electicity w/o Hydro (GW hr)". Your link text was "largest producer of clean energy". Texas is, in fact, the largest producer of clean energy (w/o hydro) as it is #1 in that list. Hydro is only available in certain parts of the country so including it will skew the results.

+ - Apple Aagrees To $450 Million Ebook Antitrust Settlement->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Last year, a U.S. District Judge ruled that Apple conspired with publishers to control ebook prices in violation of antitrust laws. Apple launched an appeal which has yet to conclude, but they've now agreed to a settlement. If the appeal verdict goes against Apple, they will be on the hook for $450 million, most of which will go to consumers. If they win the appeal, they'll still have to pay $70 million. $450 million is much more than the other publishers had to pay, but much less than the expected penalty from a damages trial set for August (and still only about one percent of Apple's annual profit)."
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+ - President Obama refuses to veto import ban on Samsung products->

Submitted by Chris453
Chris453 (1092253) writes "In August 2013, President Obama issued a veto to an import ban of the iPhone 4S after Samsung won several court battles against Apple claiming that the iPhone 4S violated several of Samsung's patents. Despite the hypocracy in a very similar case, the Obama administration today announced that it would not veto the International Trade Commission import ban against Samsung products (filed by Apple) in a move that could spark a trade dispute between the US and South Korea."
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by Chris453 (#42836525) Attached to: Apple Holds Firm As Publishers Settle With DoJ Over e-Book Pricing

Yep. They're out to make as much money as possible by *DROPPING* the average price by $2.

Reading comprehension for the win!

Maybe you should take a look at who made that $2 claim that you are spouting off as fact. Who made it again? Senator Charles Schumer made that claim in an op-ed to the Wall Street Journal. The SAME Charles Schumer that has taken at LEAST $100k in legal bribes (campaign contributions) from the book industry according to latest figured released.

Maybe you have a reliable source for that $2 claim that isn't getting kickbacks from the same industry?

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by Chris453 (#42835915) Attached to: Apple Holds Firm As Publishers Settle With DoJ Over e-Book Pricing

It was about the publishers (and Apple) trying to keep the market more open to competition

Do you really believe that? If so, I have some ocean side property to sell you in Arizona...

Apple and the publishers did this to make money (as much of it as possible) and didn't think anyone would notice their backroom dealing.


+ - Texas High School Student loses lawsuit challenging RFID tracking requirement->

Submitted by Chris453
Chris453 (1092253) writes "Earlier today, a Texas High School student named Andrea Hernandez and her family lost the first round of the lawsuit filed to prevent her school district from forcing its students to wear RFID badges for tracking purposes. The judge in the case declared that the district's compromise for the student (a badge without the battery) was sufficient and dismissed any first amendment issues.

The badges are RFIDs powered by built-in batteries and one of the concerns was that the badges would be used to track students off-campus. Interestingly enough, the school district claims in court documents that "The badges do not work off campus." However, on their website the school district confirms that it is conceivable that an off-campus RFID reader could access badge serial numbers, but tries to downplay the significance:
Therefore, an intruder or “hacker” can only learn that the tag serial number is, for example, #69872331, but that does not provide any useful information.

Has the district committed perjury by claiming that the active RFIDs magically deactivate themselves when off school property even though they already know of a possible exploit?"

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Comment: Where is Anonymous when you need them? (Score 1) 139

by Chris453 (#41637597) Attached to: EFF To Ask Judge To Rule That Universal Abused the DMCA
I really wish that Anonymous would do something useful and setup an automated system that would issue fake DMCA take down requests against these major media corporations that abuse the process. That would get the attention of the politicians fast. If ALL of their videos were taken offline due to a random request from outside the US and they weren't able to go after anyone due to the law having no bite outside the US..... At the very least, maybe they will remove the provision that says US companies have to follow through on requests they receive from outside the US even though those requests are probably fake. The companies issuing them have nothing to lose.

+ - US court to Motorola: You can't enforce Injunction in Germany against Microsoft->

Submitted by Chris453
Chris453 (1092253) writes "A U.S. appeals court on Friday ruled that Google Inc's Motorola Mobility unit cannot enforce a patent injunction that it obtained against Microsoft Corp in Germany, diminishing Google's leverage in the ongoing smartphone patent wars. Motorola won an injunction against Microsoft in May using their H.264 patents. Apparently the US federal justices in California have worldwide jurisdiction over all court cases, who knew? Maybe that is why Apple keeps winning lawsuits..."
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+ - CEO Tim Cook apologizes for Apple's awful Maps app, recommends Bing and->

Submitted by TheBoat
TheBoat (2668225) writes "Tim Cook has apologized for the company's Maps app in iOS 6. The CEO admitted that Apple “fell short” on its commitment to deliver the best experience possible to its customers. He also recommended that while the company works to fix the experience, users can take advantages of alternative mapping options for iOS including MapQuest and Microsoft’s Bing app."
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Comment: Yes and No (Score 1) 767

by Chris453 (#41354723) Attached to: Can Anyone Become a Programmer?
In my experience over the last 10 years in a military programming shop, it does take a different mindset to be a good programmer. We have had several programmers that just didn't have what it takes to learn even the basics of programming. That doesn't mean they were dumb, in fact some were very smart and motivated. They just that they couldn't comprehend the concepts and reapply them to changing circumstances. Out of the 20-30 programmers over the years only 2-3 were actually good at programming and 3-4 were not able to function as programmers since they couldn't grasp the concepts. The others might have been classified as 'OK'. BTW the good ones were the enlisted programmers off the street, not the ones with degrees.

+ - White House dimisses petition to investigate Chris-> 2

Submitted by EdIII
EdIII (1114411) writes "Recently a petition was successful to ask the White House to investigate former Senator, and now MPAA CEO, Chris Dodd and others for bribery due to his specific comments about funding from Hollywood tied to the passing of SOPA/PIPA. The White House refused to comment or take action on the grounds the petition specifically asked for a criminal investigation.

For all the lawyers out there, armchair or otherwise, how can we reword and resubmit the petition to ask the White House to compel an ethics investigation, or some similar investigation of improper conduct surrounding SOPA/PIPA that is within the purview of Congress and the President?

It's clearly bribery, so how we can change the wording so we can't be so easily dismissed?"

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Comment: Why is this impossible? (Score 1) 1088

by Chris453 (#37483698) Attached to: CERN Experiment Indicates Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos
And why would this result be impossible? Many have posted that the instruments were flawed or the scientists made a mistake, but not too long ago scientists were 100% certain that the world was flat too. Just because scientists currently believe that nothing can go faster than the speed of light doesn't make it so. Our views of the universe are always changing and saying that a result is "impossible", no matter how unlikely the result, is a bit short sided.

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