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Christmas Cheer

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J Random American
J Random American writes: "I think that most "geek" gift guides are really gift guides for early adopters with rich friends. This list, however, is a gift guide for real geeks, hackers, makers, etc. with entries from RPN calculators and electronics kits to toy guns and lab coats. The entries are broken down into categories by age group, with a special category for gifts under $20."
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Comment: Monitor vs. Training Time (Score 1) 602

by Chris Y Taylor (#18636361) Attached to: Using Two Monitors Makes You More Productive?
Ask them which would be cheaper:

Letting you keep your 2nd monitor and be productive.

Or training a new employee to do your job because you left for a better company that knows the importance of happy, productive workers.

Just the amount they'd spend drug testing the new hire would probably justify the cost of letting you keep an extra old monitor on your desk.

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