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Comment Re:So essentially they want people to pay (Score 4, Insightful) 463

Why drop the people? Just continue to carry the songs with no samples. A simple message "We're sorry but this artist refuses to let us serve you with a sample of the song before you purchase" should suffice.
They'll get back in line in no time when the sales plummet.

Comment Re:Let it die. (Score 1) 554

So do you need big labels for quality? Well, you have me there, no indie label could match the musical genius of somebody like say, Brittney Spears.
To be honest, it's not the labels' fault that most people prefer to listen to Britney (not Brittney) Spears. Sure there is marketing involved, but that's their job. Your definition of music quality is irrelevant, the labels delivered to most people music they want to listen to.

Comment Re:No More Privacy (Score 1) 199

Doesn't matter, you'll need to decrypt the output anyway so the analyzer won't be able to benefit from the analysis result, only the client can:
Using such a scheme, one could homomorphically evaluate any circuit, effectively allowing the construction of programs which may be run on encryptions of their inputs to produce an encryption of their output. Since such a program never decrypts its input, it could be run by an untrusted party without revealing its inputs and internal state. The existence of a fully homomorphic cryptosystem would have great practical implications in the outsourcing of private computations, for instance, in the context of cloud computing

Comment Re:That gets a lot done (Score 1) 303

You, sir, sound like an elitist pig.
And before you ask me to "learn a thing or two about that part of the world" I should let you know that I grew up in that part of the world.

Some would have thought that a bunch of convicts shipped to British colonies should not have the right to freedom of speech and expression because knows what they can do with that to upset the queen, yet look what happened when those very same convicts got their freedom of speech.

The idea that you're smart enough to use your freedom of speech while a whole other people is is both stupid and pompous.

Comment Re:Swell plan (Score 1) 278

I'm Egyptian, I have no idea why that ban on GPS was instated, I knew people who like to go on Safaris and they had imported personal GPS units and they were all in shock. The same ban was the reason people couldn't buy some Nokia phones that are equipped with GPS, if Apple hadn't complied they wouldn't have been able to sell the iPhone in Egypt. Also, I have no idea where the OP got this 'I know most modern cars in Egypt come with GPS', it's plain wrong. There is not a single car that sells in Egypt with GPS, not even BMW 3 series cars that are assembled locally. Moreover, up until very recently there were no GPS maps to make use of that GPS in the city anyway, I have heard of a couple recent efforts but I don't know how far they've come.

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