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Comment: I switched because of FF memory usage/leaks (Score 1) 260

by Chris Huelsbeck (#37035554) Attached to: Mozilla's Nightingale: Why Firefox Still Matters
I finally had enough of endless Firefox updates that never fixed the memory leaks... it always gobbled up all my free memory in a very short time. Once I made the switch to Chrome, everything was running smoother and I can leave it running for days without memory problems. I bet it's difficult to win back customers who left...

Comment: I was curious and bought it... here's my review: (Score 2, Informative) 244

by Chris Huelsbeck (#15755114) Attached to: Yahoo! Sells, Advocates DRM-Free Music
After some trouble with their website (a big fat banner was blocking access to any name between b and g) I was able to get my "personalized" version of the song. The name gets inserted twice in the middle of the song, but sounds kinda sloppy and she's not singing it, rather a backup singer / overdubbed. The mp3 is in 256kbit, but it's extremely quiet compared to other mp3s. I compared it with the version on iTunes and that one is at least 3-4 times louder. It's almost as if they used a non-mastered version of the song... not good...

btw: the instrumental of the song is so blatantly a ripoff of Madonna's Holiday that I wonder if they will get sued over it... ;)

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