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Red Hat Software

Journal Journal: RedHat and Fedora

RedHat is opening up the development process via Fedora and this is a great thing.

The exchange value of a Fedora CD set is basically the cost of producing and shipping them, there is some money to be made there but not much.

I think this is why RedHat are concentrating on selling services to businesses.

However Redhat could do what Mozilla does, sell cheap Mozilla CDs or what OpenOffice.org does, link to people selling OpenOffice.org CDs. After all RedHat still sells hats, stickets t-shirts and posters!

Overall, what RedHat are doing makes sense to me and I have found some of the stuff being posted on here to be quite depressing -- what RedHat are doing is fantastic, they are opening up development to the community and this is already leading to lots of exciting stuff happening -- the likes of slashdot should be celebrating this we should be for the opening up of all free software projects.

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