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Comment Re:2 Pines Mall/Lone Pine Mall (Score 1) 454

It's quite funny how many paradoxes there are in BTTF, and still they managed to put in some truly obscure consistency:

I remember seeing that the first time I saw BTTF during it's first theatrical run in New Zealand. I'm surprised that people are surprised about this.

Comment Re:Not sure about the hype (Score 1) 495

What type of 3D projector also determines your experience. Because you watched in IMAX 3D, there was more 'popping-out' because that's what IMAX 3D is all about. I saw Avatar in Dolby 3D and everything stayed within the screen (or at the very least didn't pop-out into the audience).

Before the screening they showed the trailer for Alice in 3D and I was going "oh, is that it? Why does everything look flat?" Didn't realise until the other day that the reason was because it was done in post, not in camera, which explains a lot. Does this mean we have to wait another ten years for the second proper 3D movie?

Comment Re:Using older versions of IE? (Score 1) 409

Probably not as down the page it says:

Multiple IE is no longer maintained and there are no plans to continue maintaining it! Thanks and good luck!

Never mind, you could always just have an XP VM with the IE8 blocker installed, running IE7 plus MultipleIE. That way you won't need to worry about having that extra cruft on your host.

The Internet

Submission + - experiencing DNS issues ( 1

howardd21 writes: ", the giant domain registrar has been experiencing DNS issues since last night. Various blogs and twitter traffic have been reporting issues where domains were unreachable. help desk employees have denied any problems, in spite of the reported issues from various sources. What may be as interesting as the problems Register is appearing to have, is the observation that Twitter is being used as an originating news source where others have missed this. I can also report that our clients pointed at are now having issues, and Registrar employees re now confirming issues."
Media (Apple)

Apple DMCAs iPodHash Project 453

TRS-80 writes "Apple has sent a DMCA takedown notice to the IpodHash project, claiming it circumvents their FairPlay DRM scheme. Some background: Apple first added a hash to the iTunesDB file in 6th-gen iPods, but it was quickly reverse-engineered. They changed it with the release of iPhone 2.0 and a project was started to reverse the new hash, but wasn't successful yet. My guess is Apple used the same algorithm as FairPlay for the new hash, so Apple could use the DMCA to prevent competing apps like Songbird and Banshee from talking to iPods/iPhones. BTW, don't tell Apple, but the project uses a wiki, so the old page versions from before the takedown are still there."

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