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Comment Re:Well that's stupid. (Score 1) 495

Not the point at all. If you consider MoH and Half-Life to be in the same genre, I can see where the problem is, because other than FPS they are not. Sci-fi games can make up their own vocabulary and reuse military jargon as they see fit. Why should I buy a game who's terminology indicates that the multiplayer component is only a training exercise generally played out with MILES gear or paintballs? I may as well get Police Trainer.
A game designed, advertised, and sold as either an historical or modern reality based combat FPS really shouldn't try to redefine a term already in use by the military depicted. Or did the "F" in FNG for Call of Duty 4's first mission change to "Frakking" between when I first enlisted (and was the fucking new guy) and now?

Comment Re:Well that's stupid. (Score 1) 495

The use of "opposing force" or OPFOR changes the muliplayer component from squad based combat to squad based combat training. The designation OPFOR is for a unit simulating the enemy for training purposes. The game may not be ruined, but it is drastically altered by the use of the term "opposing force."

Comment Re:Local Store? (Score 1) 520

Personally I'm a socialist and support our high taxes in Sweden, but I make sure to never miss out an opportunity to withhold as much taxes I can get away with.. Has more to do with personal greed than with any political ideology. :)

To paraphrase Homer:
sure, IN theeoory, in theory socialism works ...

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Journal Journal: 6th Circuit strikes down 2257 age verification for pornsites 359

How Appealing reports that a court has struck down age verification requirements for porn sites, as a First Amendment violation.
While the average slashdot user has never been to such a site, porn has been a driving force in the economics and technology of the net.
The age verification requirements of U.S.C. Title 18, Section 2257 were yet another attempt to regulate to death what the government can't outright prohibit. The re


Student Finds 5000-Year-Old Chewing Gum 143

itsthebin writes "Sarah Pickin, 23, found the lump of birch bark tar — complete with neolithic tooth prints — on a dig in Finland. Ms Pickin's tutor at the University of Derby, Professor Trevor Brown, said birch bark tar contained phenols, which are antiseptic compounds. 'It is generally believed that neolithic people found that by chewing this stuff if they had gum infections it helped to treat the condition. It's particularly significant because well-defined tooth imprints were found on the gum which Sarah discovered,' he said. Ms Pickin was on a volunteer program at the Kierikki Centre on the west coast of Finland when she made the find."

Submission + - Paramount Drops Blu-ray; Goes HD DVD Exclusive

An anonymous reader writes: Just as it was beginning to seem like Blu-ray had a lock on the high-def format war, in an unexpected move, Paramount Pictures today announced that it would drop its dual-format support, and moving forward would release its movies on HD DVD exclusively. For those keeping track, now it's Disney, Fox and Sony in the Blu-ray camp versus Universal and Paramount in the HD DVD camp. Warner Bros is now the only major studio currently supporting both high-def formats. In a company press release, Paramount attributed its decision to HD DVD's lower manufacturing costs.

Submission + - Google Filters Torrents From Search Results-> 1

HiddenL writes: According to TorrentFreak.com:

Google has been filtering its search results for years. That's proven very useful for the Chinese government, and of course content owner representatives like the MPAA and RIAA. According to Google, the filtering of torrents from the search results is a response to the DMCA complaints they receive. The owner of SumoTorrent told TorrentFreak that he discovered that A search on Google for sumotorrent now triggers the following message at the bottom of the results page:

In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at ChillingEffects.org.
A search for other BitTorrent sites like Torrentspy and Torrentreactor comes up with the same message (note. the sites are still indexed but some results are removed).
Apparently "Do No Evil" includes mass filtering of legitimate content.

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Submission + - Vista, wireless don't make the Olympic IT roster->

narramissic writes: "Deemed too risky, Vista has been sidelined for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. All the Olympic Games' vital PC-related tasks, including games management systems, the results systems, commentator information systems, and the staff and scheduling systems, are running on XP.

Wireless networking will also be sitting this one out. There will be no wireless used among the core systems of the Olympic Games, said Leon Xie, director of Olympic Technology and Sponsorship at Lenovo (the official computing sponsor of the games). All networking will take place over wirelines, including the backup system."

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Submission + - Black hole seen swallowing star (and belching)

mcgrew (sm62704) writes: "New Sceintest reports that the Swift satellite has detected GRB 070610. From the article:

A black hole has been spotted belching out a burst of gamma rays after gulping down part of a nearby star, something never seen before. Such violent burps may actually be the most common type of explosive "gamma-ray burst" in the universe.

Astronomers led by Mansi Kasliwal of Caltech in Pasadena, US, traced the burst to a star system in our own galaxy, where a black hole and a star slightly less massive than the Sun are orbiting each other.

Observing this black hole outburst from nearby would be a risky prospect. "If you were as close to the black hole as the [companion] star, things wouldn't be pretty," Kasliwal told New Scientist. "I don't think you'd want to be near it."
Raise shields, Mr. Sulu!"

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