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Comment Good luck... (Score 5, Interesting) 213

A video of a game I made was refused.

As evidence - I submitted the link to android market place, where I am selling the game - offered source code, source assets, etc. Several times, along with asking what would do for valid evidence.

150k views later, lots of evidence and questions from me... "monetization rejected" and still ignored.

And that's with A video I made, of a Game I made!

Comment Re:Stop traffic when letting pedestrians cross (Score 1) 363

Thats one of the slowly diminishing number of things about the UK that makes sense.
if as a pedestrian, you see a green light - cars are not directed to run you over.
If as a pedestrian, there is no light, or a red light - you can still cross! Just look first and don't run infront of a car.

Comment Re:How to make drone-based delivery cheap (Score 1) 55

The "appropriate spots" could be determined by the person ordering the package?
a few ideas:
-GPS on smartphone
-Mark position on map
-other methods combined with asking them to hold up smartphone, which flashes code to drone when it gets close
-manual survey beforehand (could be done on first delivery, after that drones can deliver)

I'm not saying its easy - just that I think we can do it ;)

Comment Re:Secret Ballot? (Score 1) 480

We can - just not in the same ballot. Actually, it'd be a great idea to do both. Even in the same booth. If the secret ballot matches the recorded ballot results well - there is probably not much corruption or coercion. if the results are very different, there must have been miscounting, corruption, or some kind of problem going on.

Comment They already are... (Score 1) 141

As much as i dislike facebok... they did nothing wrong here.

pondering the effects of their site.
testing it
publishing results

great - hopefully the insane backlash wont stop them showing future tests publicly.

if you dont want FB to find out theeffects of their site on you... don't use it.

Comment Re:Change human nature first and good luck with th (Score 1) 60

Sure - that is a big problem with "Direct Democracy"
The idea of "Liquid Democracy" is that people can select representatives in various different areas (and they can select sub-representatives, etc)

At least that's my take on it, and what I am implementing in a distributed F2F manner as a plugin for RetroShare dubbed "Mesh Democracy": or straight to a screenshot

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