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Comment: Re:Secret Ballot? (Score 1) 480

by Chozabu (#48799589) Attached to: How Bitcoin Could Be Key To Online Voting
We can - just not in the same ballot. Actually, it'd be a great idea to do both. Even in the same booth. If the secret ballot matches the recorded ballot results well - there is probably not much corruption or coercion. if the results are very different, there must have been miscounting, corruption, or some kind of problem going on.

Comment: They already are... (Score 1) 141

As much as i dislike facebok... they did nothing wrong here.

pondering the effects of their site.
testing it
publishing results

great - hopefully the insane backlash wont stop them showing future tests publicly.

if you dont want FB to find out theeffects of their site on you... don't use it.

Comment: Re:Change human nature first and good luck with th (Score 1) 60

by Chozabu (#46937085) Attached to: Open Source Program To Give Voters More Active Role In Government
Sure - that is a big problem with "Direct Democracy"
The idea of "Liquid Democracy" is that people can select representatives in various different areas (and they can select sub-representatives, etc)

At least that's my take on it, and what I am implementing in a distributed F2F manner as a plugin for RetroShare dubbed "Mesh Democracy": or straight to a screenshot

Comment: I am one of those people.... (Score 1) 263

by Chozabu (#46067105) Attached to: Cameron's IP Advisor: Throw Persistent Copyright Infringers In Jail
Right over here. I made "Wheelz" for android. Put it up on Demonoid (great torrent site now killed by murica) and my sales *doubled*.

some stats:
free (supported by ingames ads) downloads ~4million
pirated: ~400,000
paid: ~20,000

I got a disproportionately high reward. copyright did not help - it's to stop people from copying for free - which people were doing and seeming to increase my sales in the process. To be frank - the system is mad, if copyright terms were closer to ~5 years

A Much better model than copyright is kinda obvious. Collect enough money to do the job in advance - it's getting even easier these days. We could do with a decent "OpenStarter" - Like kickstarter but more democratic - resulting on only FOSS, and without taking such a cut (0% cut with a p2p openstarter).

Problem is - many people make money off copyright think stuff like "yes, this is wrong, but I like money, and it is socially acceptable - so lets keep it this way!" There is also alot of thought along the lines of "Wow, I've earnd loads of money! I must be amazing - look at all the stupid people working hard for less reward" and many more streams of thought along similar lines.

Minimal copyright has some merit - our system today has evolved to increase disparity in wealth and get the majority to work for the gain of a few, thanking them for it at the same time. A much more advanced system to get people to do your bidding than directly threatining them (which happens too).

When some people discover the truth, they just can't understand why everybody isn't eager to hear it.