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Comment: Re:IE 6 (Score 1) 119

by Billly Gates (#49565407) Attached to: JavaScript Devs: Is It Still Worth Learning jQuery?

Dump em!

It is 2015 and 90% of large enterprise have moved off IE 6 or use another browser like Firefox esr in their builds.

Did you know modern IE has compatibility mode! No really most incompetent admins use it now for adding IE 7 sites and later to the intranet zone. This means they can upgrade and emulation runs for older sites.

Banning IE 8 is almost there as you can remind them to install Firefox or Chrome which most should also have. Getting close indeed. It is not 2005 anymore where people have no other browsers

Comment: Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 475

by jellomizer (#49563655) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

That is the problem with Diet food anyways.
If you want to lose weight. Stop eating "Diet Food"
If you are going to indulge in something, you are better off in eating the non-Diet equivalent.
1. It will satisfy you more. You can have a piece of 300 calorie dessert and you will satisfied. Or you chow down on 4 or 5 100 calorie diet snacks.
2. Gives you energy. If you can get non-empty calories. You get more energy out of your day. So you can go out and get more active.
3. Too few calories, puts your body in starvation mode. This means it will slow your metabolism so when you do eat it will go to fat, because it won't known when you will eat again.

If you are going to have a Soda, I like real Cane sugar soda. It tastes better, and when you drink a potion you feel satisfied and you really don't want an other glass.

Diet Soda, sends your body mixed messages. So it thinks it has sugar but it doesn't so your body will try to process it. Leaving you feeling hungry.

Comment: Re:Windows !!! (Score 1) 92

by hairyfeet (#49556793) Attached to: Buggy Win 95 Code Almost Wrecked Stuxnet Campaign

How many vulnerabilities is there in Ubuntu 6? Debian Sid? Windows XP is FIFTEEN YEARS OLD and was designed to run on a Pentium II 400MHz with 128MB of RAM. If they are too damned cheap to upgrade or replace a PC that is a decade plus old why should that be MSFT's problem? Apple doesn't support the G3s and G4s either but you don't see anybody trying to claim that as any "proof" of anything.

As for your other point its nothing but moving the goalposts and therefor meaningless, because we both know if the numbers were reversed the FOSSies wouldn't be arguing about what "level" the vulnerability is, which just FYI means exactly jack and shit as we have seen with tricks like the "WTF" virus you can use a low level vulnerability (in that case unprivileged user ID spoofing allowing the attacker to send a message) to then effect a higher level attack (user thinks message is legit, clicks on link provided which takes user to a page filled with zero day attacks) so the idea of "levels" really doesn't mean shit anymore.

Comment: Online poker .com would pay BIG (Score 1) 89

This would be very profitable. If I were an evil asshole with no ethics I would love to buy or rent such software out and put in a fake virtual player for each session. No way I would ever lose money unless through very odd anomalies. Oh hell who am I kidding this is how half of Las Vegas works where they hire statisticians to favor the house as much as possible.

You are dumb to ever think you can win and are just smarter than the other guys

Comment: Re:Damn... (Score 3, Insightful) 462

Pakistan is a very radical Islamic country. Why did they seceed from India when India has millions of muslims? Because it wasn't radical enough. Education is dangerous to the extremists with beards if women started thinking for themselves then how can they have Sharia law?

Comment: Re:First post... (Score 1) 31

by jellomizer (#49550241) Attached to: Patents Show Google Fi Was Envisioned Before the iPhone Was Released

Before the iPhone we were not primitives. They were smart phones years before the iPhone was released. The big players was Blackberry and a slew of windows mobile phones, and Palm. They had a keyboard you could browse the web you could even get apps, and watch videos. Android OS was in development. But the idea of smart phones were all centered around a full keyboard and some sort of pointing device. The key features where there. So it would make sense for Google to look for ways to improve bandwidth without the iPhone designed phone.

However after the iPhone was released it put the smart phone market in shock. It seemed that a larger screen was preferable, people picked up in using gestures quickly, and was willing to sacrifice a physical keyboard for it. This made all the other companies future plans obsolete thus giving Apple a two year lead.

But saying before the iPhone we wouldn't imagine trying to get faster mobile data is naive.

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