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Comment Age Discrimination (Score 1) 120

It is sad to see that Mr. Pendleton had an experience similar to my own. I was laid off the year I turned 48. Unlike him, however, I stayed in management despite hating it and still became unemployed. I hope Mr. Pendleton finds success and happiness in whatever he chooses.

Comment Will they also conduct a study... (Score 2, Interesting) 1168

...of why these mass murders are not being caught by the mental health system? Before we jump to conclusions and condemn the tools used by these insane criminals, we need to find out WHY someone would want to commit mass murder and WHY the mental health system is not catching these people long before they commit these acts of murder.

Comment One handed mirror keyboard (Score 1) 147

Someone used to have a one-handed keyboard that was one half of a standard QWERTY keyboard. (You could choose which half.) They also had a software version that worked with standard keyboards. You could access the other side by holding the spacebar and typing the corresponding position for the desired key. For example, if you had the right-hand keyboard, while holding the spacebar, you would type 'L' to get 'S'. I was amazed how easy it was to use. I guess if you are a touch typist, you know which finger to use on the missing hand and use the corresponding finger on the hand that was present. Brainz are kool.

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