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Comment Dangerous? Really? (Score 1) 132

OK, I'm talking more about commercial airliners here rather than piston engined aircraft, but don't they test those engines by firing frozen chickens onto them? If a lightweight plastic drone presents such a risk to an Airbus, then I might holiday closer to home on the future. Do flocks of drones really sit around on the grass at airports waiting to throw themselves into the path of approaching aircraft? Of course I'm not seriously suggesting that they present zero risk, until some loon packs them with explosives before deliberately placing them in a flight path.

Comment Re:Wouldn't the target phone need to be turned on (Score 4, Informative) 126

No. You didn't read TFA. The target is a contactless credit/debit card carried in the victim's wallet. The phone is used by the thief, who installs basic point-of-sale software on and then bumps it against a wallet in an attempt to relieve the victim of funds. The card is a passive device which is never 'turned off'.

Comment Re:Honestly, this was possible 25 years ago (Score 1) 150

English can be a tricky language to master, but don't despair. I said "could" not "can", closely followed by "wouldn't" instead of "don't". Dude (or lady), if you require any additional help with the subtleties of past versus present tense, I'm sure there are a number of readers here who would be delighted to assist ;-)

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