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Comment: Re:The interface F*CKING SUCKS: no news here (Score 1) 435

by ChoGGi (#45288625) Attached to: The Case Against Gmail

My new work related emails I've attempted to apply filters to since I mostly know the domains they originate from. But the label that's applied is gray, and my normal inbox has a gray background. I don't know how to change that color and it makes it pretty useless to have a label. Now, I can click on the Label in the left nav, however it's normally hidden because Gmail insists on showing hangout information at the bottom and it clutters the labels list.

in the left nav: instead of clicking the label, click the little colour box to the right of it to change the label colour

Comment: nobody has mentioned jonny guru (Score 1) 328

by ChoGGi (#42283805) Attached to: Is It Worth Investing In a High-Efficiency Power Supply?

they do in depth reviews of psu's

as some people have already mentioned, bigger isn't always better
aim for the hardware you have plus future expansion

i have 1 hdd, 1 ssd, 16gb ddr3 1600, 2 radeon 6970's, amd 1100t@3.8, and 13 fans; 3 92mm for each gpu plus a few 140/120 (low speed)
running off an antec cp-850

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