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Comment: Re:PC version (Score 1) 95 95

I use Flawless Widescreen in singleplayer to remove the blacked out screens "feature" they added for eyefinity, I also happened to forget it was running a few times and went into multiplayer
FW also happens to have to option to change the FOV

I've never been banned so.....(I also know of two other people using FW that haven't been banned)

"Jesus. They were banning players either by accident or on purpose for using a mod on GTA V Online that allowed a player to specify a Field of View value."

bullshit :)

Comment: Recommendations on certs to manually remove? (Score 1) 176 176

So far I'm blocking

China Internet Network Information Center (its next to cnnic :) and I doubt I'll ever need to use it)
Chunghwa Telecom Co. (same)
SecureTrust Corporation (trustwave)

I'm looking to enlarge my list; any other certs I should be blocking as well?

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