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Wireless Networking

Journal: Home Wireless Network II

Journal by Chiron Taltos
Finally got around to installing the wireless card on the Windows machine upstairs. On further advice from my coworker, I purchased a Linksys card, so as to reduce any incompatibility issues. It was comparable to the eMac installation as far as ease. It took a little longer, but not significantly so. Software installation was easy, quick and worked on the first attempt.

There is one down-side. The antennae sticking out of the rear of the Windows box. However, the box is butt-ugly anyway, so it doesn't really detract any further. The signal strength is excellent and the kids love having IM and Web-browsing upstairs. LOL ... I love not having to hear the IM noises downstairs. Looks like money well spent!

Wireless Networking

Journal: Home Wireless Network

Journal by Chiron Taltos
I finally setup a wireless network at home. We have Knology Broadband coming into the house via cable modem.

From the advice of a coworker, I went with the Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router. It has been working well. The only problem has been Knology's modem, which tends to need rebooting about twice a week.

The '03 Dell with Windows XP is hooked up to the router. This way, hopefully, I'll be able to share the HP printer hooked up to the Dell, and use it with any of the other computers in the house.

My Apple eMac is on the wireless network, and everything has worked like a charm. The installation of the Airport Extreme Card was amazingly simple. I wasn't confident about a wireless network, but I'm blown away at how fast it operates, plus the signal strength I am experiencing. Very nice.

My next project will be to get the upstairs Windows machine onto the wireless network. Once I purchase the card, it will be interesting to note how the installation process goes in comparison to the eMac's installation.

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