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Comment: Re:Fiction. (Score 1) 419

by ChinggisK (#47683995) Attached to: Swedish Dad Takes Gamer Kids To Warzone
Well yea, recruiting is the entire reason for the existence of AA, nobody disputes that. The GPP however was insinuating that the only reason (or at least one of the main reasons) war FPS games in general exist is because the DoD funds them. That's silly, franchises like CoD and BF make money hand over fist, there's no reason for the DoD to bribe someone to make them.

Comment: Re: Just because... (Score 1) 333

by ChinggisK (#46943029) Attached to: NASA, France Skeptical of SpaceX Reusable Rocket Project
I'm not sure how useful that would be in practice though. The only "aborts" after t-0 that I've ever heard of were due to either A) the rocket blew up or B) loss of control of the rocket resulted in it straying off course and then being blown up by range safety. Either scenarios preclude any attempt at landing (you either have no rocket or no control of the rocket). Is there any other reason a mission would be aborted post-launch? Even with human cargo I'd think you'd jettison the capsule if things were bad enough that you had to abort.

Comment: Re:Why (Score 3, Insightful) 166

by ChinggisK (#46891695) Attached to: SpaceX Wins Injunction Against Russian Rocket Purchases

However, Boeing has pulled the Delta IV from the market, so there will be a limited number of these launched in the future.

Got a citation on that? Last I heard there was no definitive plan to end the Delta IV program, in fact it would be insane considering Atlas' precarious engine situation.

Comment: Doesn't sound too bad... (Score 1) 229

by ChinggisK (#41328205) Attached to: French Court Levies First Fine Under 3-Strikes Piracy Law
I didn't follow what this three-strikes law is all about very closely but from what I gather from the article it doesn't sound nearly as bad as the crap that goes on over here in the US. You get three warnings and then they slap you with a $150 fine? Sounds way more reasonable than Jammie Thomas getting $80000 per song or whatever. Could someone who knows more be kind enough to explain the issue?

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