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Comment: Re:Do we have to hear about every piece of propaga (Score 0) 280

by ChinaLumberjack (#31570400) Attached to: China Criticizes Google's "US Ties"
The South China Morning Post is the best English news source I've found. As aHong Kong newspaper, it's not subject to the same gross political manipulation as the mainland counterparts. With regards to Chinese language newspapers, they are all subject to towing the party line. You can find balanced view points but never for politically sensitive topics.

Comment: It's a TRAP! (Score 0) 142

by ChinaLumberjack (#28466055) Attached to: China Starts/Stops Blocking Google
Advice for Google and Bing. GTFO of China. The Chinese will not allow foreigners to control massive industries like search. Their approach to foreigners can be summarized in the following words:

Thanks for your technology!
Thanks for your money!
Now we own you, bitches.

The above incident sent a clear message to Google: We can and will shut you down.

Comment: My Superior Advice (Score 0) 1354

by ChinaLumberjack (#28422295) Attached to: Where Does a Geek Find a Social Life?
I'm gonna assume you're a guy (you probably are). Why would you want to meet female geeks? THINK of all the female geeks you know. Is that what you really want? Just because I like starships, D&D and computers does not mean it's in my best interest to hunt for chicks who resemble me. Besides, women are pretty malliable in the initial stages of a relationship, you could probably get a 10/10 cheerleader to play D&D with you and your nerd friends. Here's my advice: 1) Learn how to dress and do your hair. You don't have to, but it will help a lot. 2) Go to places where there are females. If you're still a student, take some courses with a high female ratio. Join a few student clubs, run for exec positions. Go to parties. A word on nightclubs, these are the worst place to pick up. The competition is brutal and a lot of women go there for the attention. 3) Don't act like you're there to pick-up. You're just there to have a good time. A lot of women are put off by really aggressive guys. I'd wait till the second or third time you meet someone before making any moves. Sex is like money, no one's gonna give you any if they think you need it. 4) Women are not your friends. Don't waste your time building friendships that won't last. Remember: "Friend guys; fuck girls". If she's not interested, it's time to fold and leave the table. 5) You're gonna encounter a lot of failure as you try catch up on years of experience. Just deal with it and move on.

Comment: Re:Wont increase taxes on middle class (Score 0) 1505

Perhaps if you yourself had paid attention in economics you would understand that corporate taxes are not necessarily passed onto the consumer, but rather the proportion of taxes payed by corporations and consumer are dependent on the elasticity of the supply & demand curves.

For example consider the following two extreme cases:

i) If governments imposed a tax on insulin, the consumer would be 100% of the tax.
ii) If government imposed a tax on blue pens then the corporation would pay 100% of the tax.

Comment: Re:Kidding, I know....but.... (Score 0) 138

by ChinaLumberjack (#27765787) Attached to: Minnesota Latest To Try To Block Gambling Sites
Something similar existed in during first few decades of the 20th century, long before the internets. They were called bucket shops. They are illegal because the shops would use their superior financial resources to manipulate the market and scam the players. I.E. if everyone was betting for stock X, the shop could use their financial resources to short-sell that stock on the real markets; slowly purchase stock X on the real markets, then do a massive liquidation; or liquidate pre-existing holdings in stock X. This would have the result of driving the price of stock X down. Throw in the very real possibility that the house could leverage these market-manipulation tactics, and the odds are stacked heavily in their favour.

Also, situations can arise where the house goes broke and does not have sufficient funds to pay out the players.

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