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Comment: Re:Shorter copyright (Score 2) 480

by ChiefNX (#46348565) Attached to: Interview: Ask Richard Stallman What You Will
That's interesting. Wouldn't the copyright / licensing on emacs be renewed with each new release though? IANAL - which of these is true? Emacs would become public domain Source code from versions of emacs released up to 2009 would become public domain Emacs would not be public domain at all, since it is still actively developed

Comment: Re:I'm a dude who knows God loves you, Jesus is LO (Score 1) 717

by ChiefNX (#37935828) Attached to: Censored Religious Debate Video Released After Public Outrage
I've asked this question to many Christians too. A common belief (which I cannot give a biblical reference for) is that those that haven't explicitly encountered the gospel may gain entrance to heaven by concluding that God exists independently, e.g. by 'observing the miracle of creation'. (N.B. God in this contexts means something closer to 'deity/creator' than the being specifically described in the Christian mythology.)

So that's a slightly more coherent explanation for you and in my experience it's closer to what more critical and thoughtful Christians believe.

I've not yet talked to a believer who could satisfactorily answer whether babies/young children enter heaven if they die before their brains develop sufficiently to deal with the concept of God though. I'd be grateful if anyone could provide an answer to that one?

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