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Comment: Re:Breast super bowl ever (Score 0) 81

by Chewbacon (#47885499) Attached to: Net Neutrality Comments Surge Past 1.7M, an All-Time Record For the FCC

Here here! Now let's turn on some primetime TV. VIOLENCE, BLOOD, AND GORE! Don't stare at those boobies, Timmy, your mom says they're evil because she feels inept with her tits you sucked the perkiness out of. Awe, still I love ya son, the site of those eggs on a fork reminds me watch my cholesterol.

Comment: Re:I used it for about a year (Score 1) 366

by Chewbacon (#47884119) Attached to: The State of ZFS On Linux

I'm using Ubuntu server with ZFS and haven't had such issues after updating it other than it changing /dev/disk/by-id. I had to seek a little help with it to fix and it turned out being 2 commands and my ZFS array was up and running again. I love it flexibility as far as drives go like you described: you can make things work in the fashion of duct tape and extension cords. Performance and reliability is great for a home server when you compare the price of a high-end true RAID card. Haven't had a real issue with ZFS yet (knock knock).

Comment: Ummmm (Score 2) 311

by Chewbacon (#47816925) Attached to: Apple Denies Systems Breach In Photo Leak

I thought Find My iPhone didn't lock accounts after too many failed logins? This was discussed in many twitter conversations yesterday and how the script used no longer works since apple updated the system. I call that a failure in Apple's security. Who the hell forgets to put in that kind of fail safe anymore?

Comment: It's easier than that (Score 1) 588

by Chewbacon (#47805817) Attached to: Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study

Just restrict calories. I lost the most weight doing that. I was eating 2200 calories a day and I was never hungry except when I woke up in the morning. After mastering the calories, I went to restricting sodium and increasing protein while decreasing carbs. Just one step at a time. It eventually became habit. Exercising is a must to maintain (or increase) lean tissue. The net result should be fat loss.

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