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Comment: Re:My first thought (Score 2) 27

by Chewbacon (#49678521) Attached to: Dissolvable Electronic Stent Can Monitor Blocked Arteries

Anti-platelet therapy is pretty effective at preventing restenosis. Risk factor modification further improves outcomes. Regardless, it beats the alternative. Look at it this way: you could die as a result of getting a stent (bare metal, drug-eluding), but you will die if you sit around and do nothing.

Comment: Re:these viruses are the end of computing (Score 2) 38

by Chewbacon (#49669411) Attached to: 'Breaking Bad' Crypto Ransomware Targets Australian Users

These ransomware viruses are getting more sophisticated. You can only combat that with a multifaceted strategy. I backup entire images to my media server. I also backup the irreplaceable stuff to a separate folder which my media server backs up to Amazon S3 via S3FS (shell scripts!). Finally, I have an external drive which I plug in and backup to once a week. It's cold storage which the ransomware can't get to unless I fail to realize I've been compromised when I plug it in.

Comment: Re:What?! (Score 1) 368

by Chewbacon (#49538625) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users

I get some Sql dll error every time I boot up windows 7. There's a fix to it, but it keeps happening. I hate iTunes. I only use it now if I need to backup my idevices or reinstall firmware. It's library management sucks. Check boxes? Copy the whole thing by default? Why can I drag and drop like Winamp when it was in its prime.

Comment: simpler offsite (Score 1) 446

Put it on a portable drive, encrypt it and put it in a drawer/locker at work or family's house. No cloud required.

I encrypt my very important backups (pictures mostly, some documents and software development) and put them on Amazon S3. I also do the portable drive idea, but that is more like cold storage in case I get a nasty ransomware that finds all of my backups.

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