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Comment iCloud (Score 1) 324

My wife got the 16gb iPhone 6, which she immediately filled up with pictures and videos of our son when she migrated her data to it. I eventually set her up on iCloud which moves the full resolution version of photos and videos off her phone while leaving a thumbnail on the phone itself and download the full version when needed. Of course, this costs about $2 a month.

Comment Re: He takes responsibility for it being his own f (Score 1) 152

A depressing comment to read. These are things I worry about, losing the income that makes much of the lifestyle I provide my family, when I disagree with my superiors. I have clinical licensure, ethics and people's lives to worry about compared to Benjamins my bosses count, so I have valid disagreements but they mean diddly when you're replaceable.

Comment Battey case or charger battery (Score 1) 208

I don't really care for the battery cases as they add weight and bulk to the device. I see a lot of traveling industry reps I work with carrying the battery cells with USB ports. Just plug in and charge. The cell gets them through the day and they plug it in at night in the hotel. I do not own one and don't have much of a need for one, but one of the reps let me borrow his when I needed a charge. It is slower than a wall outlet, but works.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 187

I turned down the discounted (or was it free?) Win8 upgrade on a Win7 laptop I bought because I knew it was garbage. I feel less apprehensive about Win10 after seeing so many Youtube videos and reading so many articles. Since I'm on the bottom of the upgrade criteria, still running Windows 7, I feel it is time to upgrade. I'm still weighing out upgrade vs. fresh install. I have a lot of software I don't want to install again and a copy of office 2010 that has reached its activation limit.

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