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Comment: Re:Free? Where is the money coming from? (Score 1) 703

by Chewbacon (#48774151) Attached to: Obama Proposes 2 Years of Free Community College

There's plenty of ways to go to college for free: scholarships, employment continuing education programs, and your parents just to name a few. What I've been saying for a long time is we need to tell people that you don't have to go to college. A lot of colleges are offering degree programs for what is in fact really just a trade. So you get a blue-collar trade job that you could've really Been trained for on the job, but now you've paid the college markup for that training. I also don't like the idea of kids who don't like school being forced to go to college by their parents simply because it's free. Some of those kids don't want an education and will ultimately end up failing at those last two years of effort. They could skip all of that,save their parents a lot of money and heartache, And go right to flipping burgers and scrubbing toilets. God bless those toilet scrubbers and burger flippers, because we need them just like we need doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

And what will this do to the quality of education? Seems like whenever the government gets their hands on the bill for service they discount the shit out of it and the quality suffers.

Comment: Hate is a nice word here (Score 1) 31

I feel like I'm always tricking WP into doing what I need it to do. It tries to imitate functionality of real CMSs, but does so about as well as my 2-year-old can do brain surgery. It's gotten to the point I refuse to work with it. I'd rather take the loss of business. Sure it's what the "cool kids use," (cool kids that smoke) but it's not worth taking years off my life.

Comment: Re:Man, am I old ... (Score 1) 173

by Chewbacon (#48621867) Attached to: Backblaze's 6 TB Hard Drive Face-Off

I first had an 80 meg hard drive and had no idea what that meant. Then after a couple years of school, I filled it up with documents and basic programs. Upgraded to a 400meg hard disk with windows 3.11 and thought I'd never run out of space. Then I learned what doom, wolfenstein, and a bunch of other games was and I ran out of space. Then a ginormous 4gb disk came out and I bought one. Dude, I'll NEVER run out of space! Then MP3s went on the rise and oops... out of space. The Zip disk gave me some wiggle room, and I still have one for nostalgia. 19.2 gig quantum Bigfoot. Pirated divx movies and napster/kazaa/limewire clogged that one up. 500gb drive filled with mountains of digital pictures and home videos. Finally 1tb seems livable... for now. But then it comes to backing it up and hosting my digital media on my media server: 4tb and its holding its own... for now. :)

These upgrades are getting less and less frequent... we've come a long way, baby!

Comment: Funny I just cut yesterday (Score 1) 392

The wife and I were paying $100 a month to watch just several channels. Hulu has about half of what we like to watch for less than a tenth of the price. On top of that, they DRM every damn thing. I setup my own homebrew DVR with MythTV (mostly because the cable company's dvr suuuuucked) and couldn't watch many channels. I wasn't breaking the law with my DVR, I just wanted to watch TV my own way and not theirs. So Hulu was the best middle-of-the-road solution out there. It's hard to beat the price, the commercials are quick and it is on demand programming.

Comment: Less tinkering, more using (Score 2) 110

by Chewbacon (#48191909) Attached to: Ubuntu Turns 10

I have less and less time to tinker with linux to make it work. Started using KDE, but kept running into issues where it refused to let me login - just get a blank desktop. Went to Xubuntu, but half the time I suspended my laptop it would refuse to wake completely unless I restarted lightdm, which restarted my session. What a productivity killer. I recently went back to Ubuntu and Unity and haven't had such problems. I gotta give Ubuntu credit, they make it a nice and easy experience, which Joe Schmoe who just wants to check his email likes.

Comment: Not hard wirk (Score 1) 279

Get a small fish tape from your local hardware store and run Cat6. I did it over the period of a few nights climbing around in my attic. It was way too hot in Florida to do it in the day. Other options include running it up the wall and out the cap by your roof edges. You could just drill through the wall to the outside like the cable companies do. I wish more houses came wired with the stuff but even the newest ones don't.

Comment: Re:The whole juror system needs to be abandoned (Score 2) 102

by Chewbacon (#48079055) Attached to: Study Weighs In On the Reliability of Eyewitness Testimony

And what's your problem with accuracy exactly? Is it finding too many innocent people guilty or vice versa? And what methods do you propose take over? The telescreen? Mass surveillance of every moment of our lives? Not at the cost of right to privacy. Take some comfort in knowing our justice system is intended to let guilty men go free over incarcerating innocent men.

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