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Comment Get over your sense of ownership (Score 1) 467

I agree the best episodes were 4-6. 1-3 were pretty bad. Bad story telling, bad acting (Ewan McGregor did ok). I didn't think episode 7 was bad. I enjoyed it. Where I differ from many people is I take the position that it is not my story. I just listen to it. If I didn't take that road, then I would've left during Wolverine when they claimed hydrochlorothiazide slows your heart rate. If they make episode 8 a film about Jesus, then fine, but I'm not buying it. I take no loss when it comes to my memories of the first films Lucas released. Actually, I'm pretty thrilled this gets my sons into Star Wars and I can watch them enjoy it and see it for the first time vicariously.

I realize it may make your cereal taste better this morning, but get over yourselves. So you haters may have paid $100 for a night at the movies with the family and were disappointed. Guess what, you spent some time with the family. If you showed up with a sour-puss mentality "this better be fucking awesome and rock my world" then you deserved to get your feelings hurt. It isn't the first time you saw a bad flick at an exorbitant price.

Comment Re:Why not make & run a Windows VM? (Score 1) 119

You can easily access the host file system with Virtualbox. It basically sets up a Samba share on the linux host and adds the shared folder to your network which you access via Windows Explorer in the Windows VM. I've been using this with MS Office running in seamless mode and it works really well.

Comment Re:How many people were killed? (Score 0) 676

And New Orleans is emerging as a shooting gallery. No flags on Facebook pictures or outrage there. There is going to be more discussion about getting rid of guns to make us safer, I'm going to hold my breath waiting on the criminals to lay theirs down because really I don't want to live in such a world anyway. People are so myopic they can't see the bigger picture.

Comment Isn't immortality, may not help society (Score 1) 385

I read something about 10-15 years ago about this and the author said, despite this type of medical technology, anti-aging doesn't mean immortality. He proposed even if you stopped or reversed aging, you could only live to be about 300 years old. At that point, something would get you: murder, plane crash, illness, etc.

While I'm not an expert on the topic of society and the rise in violence, poverty, etc. I do believe overpopulation does not help the issues. The details, I speculate, could be desperation in the face of poverty, shortages of food/water/fuel, and yet we just keep breeding while we live longer. This would bring the death rate so low compared to today's standards I'm sure we would surely test the viability of our natural resources. We would either be living on top of each other as the population booms and be at a higher risk of disease outbreaks or we would invade the farm land and decrease the production of food which would only be in higher demand. Maybe the issues at hand are not as bad as I think they are since information of them spread so quickly in the information age. I'm not making changes however because I'm human and a clinician that promotes health and I have a son and another due any day.

Comment Two thoughts (Score 4, Interesting) 100

1. Sometimes I have to rename the bookmark to something more meaningful than what's in the tags.
2. Use tags. Firefox has them and it makes my life so much easier. It beats sorting them into folders.

I'm not sure what to do about dead links. It happens. If you really, really need to save something forever, I assume it is something for reference, then save it to PDF and upload it to a cloud service.

Comment Re:The message in question: (Score 1) 572

While it I'm not the one to give you an in depth pro/con, I feel like systemd is more appropriate for the workstation/desktop/laptop. When it comes to the server, I really like the mantra "do one thing, do it well." Servers are multi-faceted machines in that sense. A service fails, just restart it -THAT- service. Systemd fails, restart the server. Silver lining: it should boot up faster.

Comment This is how it works in hospitals (Score 1) 284

In case of emergency, call (insert extension here) and specify the code. Hospitals don't call 911 even for visitors who collapse grabbing their chest. They are 911! My wife works for one of the largest employers in our town and they have a similar rule, AEDs everywhere, and a security force trained as first responders. In the presence of cardiovascular collapse, an arrhythmia that requires rapid defibrillation is really the only intervention that cannot wait. It's gotta be done ASAP, so AEDs are great in large companies. You can buy time with -good- CPR for just about everything else; training personnel to perform CPR is a good investment.

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