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Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 184

I turned down the discounted (or was it free?) Win8 upgrade on a Win7 laptop I bought because I knew it was garbage. I feel less apprehensive about Win10 after seeing so many Youtube videos and reading so many articles. Since I'm on the bottom of the upgrade criteria, still running Windows 7, I feel it is time to upgrade. I'm still weighing out upgrade vs. fresh install. I have a lot of software I don't want to install again and a copy of office 2010 that has reached its activation limit.

Comment Re:Stoopid (Score 1) 274

If someone downloads Hurt Locker and gets caught, then they should be out for the cost of the media, legal costs, and cost of the investigation. Nothing more. It should be a civil process and not a criminal one. I never understand how the courts decide how much money a music pirate deprived a record company of as that money was never generated in the first place by the private to be accounted for.

Comment Devils advocate here (Score 4, Insightful) 141

Perhaps they use thumbprints as opposed to swipe cards that students lose? When I was in elementary school we had the cards for our cash accounts and a friend lost his almost every week. Yes, thumbprints sound a little scary, but even if they gave them ID cards they would still be tracking them.

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