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Comment Re:The message in question: (Score 1) 572

While it I'm not the one to give you an in depth pro/con, I feel like systemd is more appropriate for the workstation/desktop/laptop. When it comes to the server, I really like the mantra "do one thing, do it well." Servers are multi-faceted machines in that sense. A service fails, just restart it -THAT- service. Systemd fails, restart the server. Silver lining: it should boot up faster.

Comment This is how it works in hospitals (Score 1) 284

In case of emergency, call (insert extension here) and specify the code. Hospitals don't call 911 even for visitors who collapse grabbing their chest. They are 911! My wife works for one of the largest employers in our town and they have a similar rule, AEDs everywhere, and a security force trained as first responders. In the presence of cardiovascular collapse, an arrhythmia that requires rapid defibrillation is really the only intervention that cannot wait. It's gotta be done ASAP, so AEDs are great in large companies. You can buy time with -good- CPR for just about everything else; training personnel to perform CPR is a good investment.

Comment Upgraded Laptop to Win10 (Score 2, Interesting) 374

Was smooth at first, but now I'm seeing that was a mistake. These update issues are a real headache when I'm trying to get work done. Plus, I imaged to a bigger HD, windows would refuse to let me login. I ended up having to "reset" windows, which removes all apps, preserves user data, and reinstalls Windows. Now I can't activate it for some fucking reason. And when I reboot after reinstalling an app uninstalled during the reset, it tries (and fails!) to update. I'm not sure what's more frustrating: the cluster fuck that it is or Microsoft isn't saying shit about it.

Comment Re:Well.... (Score 1) 712

Many of the controversial stories I can immediately recall where police use lethal force involve suspects resisting arrest or otherwise disobeying officers. Why test the police? If you didn't do anything wrong, in most cases cooperating will get you on your way albeit inconvenienced. It's better than being shot, maced, or tasered.

Comment iCloud (Score 1) 324

My wife got the 16gb iPhone 6, which she immediately filled up with pictures and videos of our son when she migrated her data to it. I eventually set her up on iCloud which moves the full resolution version of photos and videos off her phone while leaving a thumbnail on the phone itself and download the full version when needed. Of course, this costs about $2 a month.

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