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Comment: Re:Why would anyone want to live forever? (Score 1) 139

by Chewbacon (#49792245) Attached to: Scientists Reverse Aging In Human Cell Lines

First article I read about the so called "on off" aging switch the guy said you wouldn't live forever. He backed this up with statistics and the certainty that something would get you after about 300-400 years: illness, plane crash, murder, etc. it is the aging switch, not the immortality switch in the general sense.

Comment: Re:My first thought (Score 2) 27

by Chewbacon (#49678521) Attached to: Dissolvable Electronic Stent Can Monitor Blocked Arteries

Anti-platelet therapy is pretty effective at preventing restenosis. Risk factor modification further improves outcomes. Regardless, it beats the alternative. Look at it this way: you could die as a result of getting a stent (bare metal, drug-eluding), but you will die if you sit around and do nothing.

Comment: Re:these viruses are the end of computing (Score 2) 38

by Chewbacon (#49669411) Attached to: 'Breaking Bad' Crypto Ransomware Targets Australian Users

These ransomware viruses are getting more sophisticated. You can only combat that with a multifaceted strategy. I backup entire images to my media server. I also backup the irreplaceable stuff to a separate folder which my media server backs up to Amazon S3 via S3FS (shell scripts!). Finally, I have an external drive which I plug in and backup to once a week. It's cold storage which the ransomware can't get to unless I fail to realize I've been compromised when I plug it in.

Comment: Re:What?! (Score 1) 368

by Chewbacon (#49538625) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users

I get some Sql dll error every time I boot up windows 7. There's a fix to it, but it keeps happening. I hate iTunes. I only use it now if I need to backup my idevices or reinstall firmware. It's library management sucks. Check boxes? Copy the whole thing by default? Why can I drag and drop like Winamp when it was in its prime.

Comment: simpler offsite (Score 1) 446

Put it on a portable drive, encrypt it and put it in a drawer/locker at work or family's house. No cloud required.

I encrypt my very important backups (pictures mostly, some documents and software development) and put them on Amazon S3. I also do the portable drive idea, but that is more like cold storage in case I get a nasty ransomware that finds all of my backups.

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