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Comment: Ah, fear... (Score 1) 438

by CheetahMk2 (#10847407) Attached to: UK Group Wants Mandatory Flash For Phone Cams
..motivating change since 1692.

Many schools, fitness centres and local councils have also banned them over fears about privacy and misuse.

I find it suprising they don't concern themselves with cameras the government or private corporations put up and the ramications those impose! Somehow they fear cell phones because they are somehow 'innocuous' and therefore capable of great harm. What about the cameras stores already put in the dressing rooms? Or the ones taping 24/7 in public areas? That aside, won't this impair the functionality of a camera phone? ["It's not a bug, it's a Feature!"] It would drain the battery some, you'd have no way of turning it off, and now you'd have to add a halogen bulb and a powerful capacitor - that may or may not leak - into the design, ruining the life expectancy of the phone, making it larger and hence less convenient, and more expensive. I'm sorry but this seems like a knee jerk reaction to me.

Lastly, you can't even stop the detemined people, who will use Duct Tape to get around it anyway, thus inconveniencing everyone BUT the targets. I understand not wanting a camera in a Top Secret environment, but I don't want some mother's coalition ruining a product I am paying money for, out of misguided fear no less.

Technology is dominated by those who manage what they do not understand.