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Comment I Google Minused (Score 1) 213

I Google Minused because they said they were pretty sure my boss wasn't smart enough to elude circle security, so I should probably associate everything I post and say with my legal and professional name and after all what could go wrong why not?

Also, because I was afeared that some of the stories about people outed for being nicknamed and ended up with lock-outs to their entire suite of Googlies were slightly true. If using my nick on Google+ meant jeopardising access to my control dealies for my Blog*spot public skirt-twisting or AdSense pimping, even temporarily while I argued with a Googlebot, I would be left helplessly rending my garments and shaking my fist at the cloud.

So I took my toys and went home.

Comment Handicapping, Ridiculous, Anti-Progress (Score 5, Funny) 244

First of all, there's no way to know if two things are separated by a volume of space unless you have a headache. That's how evolution works: the cerebral nerves were caused to evolve specifically by Darwin in order to function as a kind of animal cruelty version of Pavlov's dog in which mapping three-dimensional space actuates the occipital squinting reflex, causing us to narrow our eyes meaningfully at expansive vistas while also wishing for acetylsalicylic acid and a glass of water.

Scientists consider this sort of thing basically self-evident, like the existence of atoms or Jenny McCarthy.

Furthermore, the so-called Disney Cortex is capable of parsing dimensionality exclusively through parallax; in effect, the neck pain caused by this subtle lateral shifting of the head is conveyed via the uvula directly into the cranial brain-case, tapping into the same area of sensitivity exploited by the spatial depth pain discussed above.

Elementary biochemisphology tells us that the only way stereoscopy can function effectively in the real world of fake entertainment is by pulling out all the stop and going holographic, so that the images can be processed and hurt us in as natural a way as possible. This is God's way of telling us that the Holodeck was cool.

Fad researchers have understood this for centuries, since the time the Illuminati first started actively repressing news of the stereoscopic newspaper in 1743.

Your friend in science,
Cheeseburger Brown

Comment I Wouldn't Worry (Score 5, Insightful) 336

I'm sure that if anyone were falsely accused of being a leaker, they would no doubt have swift access to just recourse. This is the West, after all.

If someone ends up in a such a situation and reports the contrary, their testimony is likely tainted because they are a dirty rotten leaker.

Ultimately, we are all safer somehow.

Comment Novelists as Experts (Score 1) 494

Novelists can't be trusted. It's always a story with those guys. Like Al Gore and his triffids, or Michael Crichton's genetic engineering alarmism -- nothing to see here. Pure fabrication. I'm pretty sure if we want to know the truth about piracy we have to dig really deep into the back part of the Bible...somewhere between Muhammed and the passages about Neo.

Comment My Kids Use a Specially Tarded Up White MacBook (Score 1) 556

My kids, 6 and 3, use a hand-me-down white MacBook. The machine has been tarded up appropriately to stop them from breaking things (Simple Finder, Parental Control locks on Safari for whitelisted sites only, no IM, admin password unknown to children required to change any setting).

They are not allowed to eat or drink while at the computer, and the computer is not to be moved from its desk.

Within these constraints, they have a ball. The machine is loaded up with all their favourite movies (one click on pictographic icon launches VLC in fullscreen mode), and the sites where they play games (TVOntario Kids, BBC Kids, etc.) are bookmarked.

My 6 year old can videoconference with GTalk with my wife and I elsewhere in the house, but cannot initiate chats outside of the LAN. My 3 year old hasn't quite got the hang of negotiating the necessary dialogue boxes yet, but he'll pick it up soon.

We haven't bought much in the way of educational software, since the process of separating the wheat from the chaff is too labour intensive (most of it sucks the proverbial wang). We make do with web sites (like I Love Bacteria) and educational Flash games.

Hope this helps!
The Internet

Submission + - Wikipedia ruled by 'Lord of the Universe' (

An anonymous reader writes: One of the Wikipedia's leading administrators bears an extreme conflict of interest, but you can't expose him from the Conflict of Interest Noticeboard. He created the Conflict of Interest Noticeboard.

This administrator, Jossi Fresco, is a longtime student of Prem Rawat — formerly Guru Maharaj Ji — the India-born spiritual leader who styled himself as the "Perfect Master" and fostered a worldwide religious movement encouraging followers to call him "Lord of the Universe."

Jossi Fresco openly acknowledges he's employed by an organization "related" to Prem Rawat, and according to an ex-Rawat-follower and former friend, he served on the guru's personal staff and built the guru's first web site. Nonetheless, Fresco maintains strict control over Wikipedia's Prem Rawat article and countless related articles, keeping criticism of his guru to a bare minimum.

Full article here


Submission + - Scientology Protests Planned Sunday 7

Anonymous writes: Around the world this Sunday, February 10th, there will be protests taking place at Scientology centers. The effort, started originally as a response to the DMCA-based removal of the Tom Cruise Propaganda Video, has grown to a surprising scale. After issuing a "declaration of war", anonymous, effectively a random collection of many different people online, has organized a day of protest on the 10th. Any and all are welcome to attend these protests — their goal is simply to educate the public on the practices of the "Church" of Scientology. Given Slashdots' History with Scientology, we hope you will join us in this. Read on for more details...

Since the sites being used to organize these events could probably not cope with the raw volume of Slashdot, I will outline the expectations and a few guidelines for these protests here. Also included below is a list of locations currently planned.

Protest Guidelines
  • This must be a non-violent, non-obtrusive protest. No loud chanting, no loud anything. Our goal is educating the public, and getting media attention on this issue.
  • Depending on local laws, cover your face in some fashion (Each location is doing something different). Scientologists have been noted at earlier rallies taking pictures of people and following them after the event. They WILL target you if you are not anonymous.
  • Be wary of other protesters. It is expected that Scientologists will be posing as anonymous to attempt to infiltrate the events. Distance yourself from any protester making a scene.
  • Bring your own flyers or signs. Again, check local laws about such things.
  • Be educated — see Operation Clambake for more information. Specifically good things to know about: Operation Snow White, Paulette Cooper, and Lisa McPherson for whom the date was chosen.
  • Be clear that we are not attacking the religion, or the free expression of it, but we are attacking the litigious and aggressive nature of the church and its leadership.
Each protest is expected to start at 11am local time, and generally run until 6pm, unless specifically stated. For the larger cities, expectations are running in the 100-300 people range, and smaller cities in the dozens. All of these locations have confirmed protests taking place. Please get on IRC —, and find the appropriate channel for more information about your specific city. Start in the channels #irl, #xenu and #v or try your city or country name. For the larger cities, you can just show up — smaller cities, you should probably check on IRC first. I apologize for the vague copying of details for some of the non-english locations, since I had a hard time making sense of some languages.
  • United States
    • Arizona, Phoenix — 4045 N 7th St
    • Arizona, Tuscon — 1703 E Fort Lowell Rd (10AM)
    • California, San Francisco — 701 Montgomery St
    • California, Los Angeles — 4810 W Sunset Blvd @ L. Ron Hubbard Way
    • California, Santa Rosa — 440 S E St
    • California, Sacramento — 825 15th Street
    • California, Berkley — 63 Shattuck Sq
    • California, San Diego — 1330 4th Ave (Noon)
    • California, Santa Barbara — 534 State Street
    • California, San Jose — 1865 Lundy Ave
    • Colorado, Denver — 1021 Pearl St
    • Connecticut, New Haven — 909 Whalley Ave
    • Florida, Miami — 120 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables
    • Florida, Tampa Bay/Clearwater — Meet up at Coachman Park, 301 Drew Street.
    • Florida, Orlando — 1830 E Colonial Dr
    • Georgia, Atlanta — 4480 N Shallowford Rd Dunwoody (1 PM)
    • Hawaii, Honolulu — 33 S King St
    • Illinois, Chicago — 3000 N. Lincoln Ave (Meeting at S&G Resturant)
    • Indiana, Indianapolis — 6451 Rockville Rd
    • Kansas, Wichita — 3705 E. Douglas Avenue
    • Kentucky, Louisville — 1277 Bardstown Rd
    • Massachusetts, Boston — 448 Beacon Street (Noon)
    • Michigan, Detroit — 28000 Middlebelt Road, Farmington Hills
    • Michigan, Battle Creek — 66 Michigan Ave E
    • Minnesota, Minneapolis — 1011 Nicollet Mall
    • Missouri, Kansas City — 39th & Main
    • Missouri, St. Louis — 6901 Delmar Boulevard University City (10:30AM)
    • Nevada, Las Vegas — Meetup at Marie Callanders (Noon)
    • New Mexico, Albuquerque — 1319 San Pedro Dr Ne Albuquerque
    • New York, New York — 227 West 46th Street
    • New York, Albany — 2021 Western Ave
    • New York, Buffalo — 836 Main Street
    • New York, Hicksville — 64 Bethpage Rd
    • North Carolina, Charlotte — Corner of N. Tryon and Trade St.
    • Ohio, Cincinnati — 215 West 4th Street
    • Ohio, Cleveland — 6607 Pearl Road Parma Heights
    • Ohio, Columbus — Meet at Starbucks @ 10 W Broad St #120
    • Oregon, Portland — 709 SW Salmon St
    • Pennsylvania, Philadelphia — 1315 Race Street
    • Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh — 1906 E Carson St
    • Tennessee, Nashville — Meet at Café Coco, 210 Louise Avenue
    • Tennessee, Memphis — Central near Lamar
    • Texas, San Antonio — 3518 Broadway St
    • Texas, Austin — 2200 Guadalupe St
    • Texas, Houston — Meet at Starbucks, 8821 Westheimer Rd (12:30PM)
    • Texas, Dallas — 1850 N Buckner Blvd
    • Texas, Harlingen — 4301 West Business 83
    • Utah, Salt Lake City — 353 East 400 South (Noon)
    • Washington, Seattle — Meet at Pike's Place Market Parking Lot (2nd and Pike) (9:30AM)
    • Wisconsin, Milwaukee — 6806 W Wedgewood Dr
    • Virginia, Richmond — Cary Street & Nansemond St
    • Washington DC — 1701 20th Street NW
  • Canada
    • Kitchener, ON — 159 King W
    • Quebec City, QC — 1996 1st Avenue
    • Vancouver, BC — 401 Hastings Street West
    • Toronto, ON — 696 Yonge Street
    • Ottawa, ON — 203-150 Rideau Street
    • Montreal, QC — 4489 Papineau Street
    • Calgary, AB — 824C Edmonton Tr NE
    • Winterpeg, MB — 315 Garry Street
    • Edmonton, AB — Churchill Square (10:10AM)
    • Halifax, NS — 3441 Dutch Village Road
  • Europe
    • UK, London — 146 Queen Victoria Street
    • UK, Belfast — 121 Great Victoria St.
    • UK, Bermingham — 8 Ethel Street
    • UK, Manchester — 258 Deansgate
    • UK, Edinburgh — 20-23 South Bridge
    • UK, Newcastle/Sunderland — 51 Fawcett Street Sunderland
    • UK, Plymouth — 41 Ebrington Street
    • Ireland, Dublin — 62/63 Middle Abbey Street (Noon GMT)
    • Germany, Hamburg — Domstrasse 9 D-20095
    • Germany, Berlin — Otto-Suhr-Allee 30-34
    • Germany, Duesseldorf — Friedrichstrasse 28B
    • France, Paris — 7, Rue Jules César
    • Norway, Oslo — "Scientologikirken i Norge Karl Johans Gate 12J 0154 Oslo" (Noon)
    • Stockholm, Sweden — "Upplägg Stockholm, Scientologi-kyrkan i Stockholm, Månskärsvägen 10, 141 75 KUNGENS KURVA"
    • Göteborg, Sweden — "Scientologikyrkan i Göteborg, Drottninggatan 35, GÖTEBORG"
    • Malmö, Sweden — "Scientologi-kyrkan i Malmö , Porslinsg. 3 , 211 32 MALMÖ"
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands — "Amsterdam CS, Burger King" (1PM)
    • Vienna, Austria — "Capistrangasse 4 (Seitengasse der Mariahilferstraße zwischen Museumsquartier und Neubaugasse.) A-1070 Wien"
    • Zuerich, Switzerland — "Tramstation Siemens (3)"
    • Brussels, Belgium — Rue de la Loi 91 / Wetstraat 91
    • Lisbon, Portugal — "R. Dos Correeiros, N. 205 — 3A, 1100 Lisbon"
    • Copenhagen, Denmark — Jernbanegade 6 1608 Copenhagen V (Nearby the "Palads" Cinema)
    • Rome, Italy — Via del Caravita, 5
  • Oceania and the rest of the world
    • Australia, Sydney — 201 Castlereagh St, Meet in Hyde Park near the fountain
    • Australia, Melbourne — Russell St & Flinders Lane
    • Australia, Adelaide — 18 Waymouth St
    • Australia, Perth — 106-108 Murray Street
    • New Zealand, Auckland — Westfield Plaza, Queen St, Customs St intersection
    • New Zealand, Christchurch — Cashel street mall, cashel street, high street corner
    • Argentina, Buenos Aires — "Ayacucho 1050 (esquina Santa Fé), Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires"
    • Israel, Tel Aviv — 12 Shontzion Street
Please join us in protesting Scientology! We need to bring the activities of the organization into the public eye!

Note to the Editor: please post this, if you will, sometime near the beginning of the day or a high-traffic time. Damn that list took a while to compile.

Submission + - TV Station posts public employee salaries online

ncstockguy writes: The CBS affiliate in Raleigh, NC has generated some controversy by posting names and salaries of local public employees online. After complaints from a large number of public school teachers, and a news story on a competing station, WRAL removed the names of the employees and now just has positions and pay posted online. No question public employee pay is public record, but the question remains, just how easy should it be for casual snoops to look up an individual's pay? 1 &id=5267279

Submission + - Site Is 'Aligned With the Users'

Strayline writes: ",131520/article.h tml Digg users fought back as the company began removing posts that contained a software key needed to crack the encryption used to limit copying of HD-DVD and Blu-ray. The company was pressured by a lawsuit to remove these posts from it site. However user revolt made that impossible and Digg was forced to allow the posts to stay and the story of the removal become the top story with over 35,000 Diggs."

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