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Comment: Re:I visited the National Ignition Facility this y (Score 1) 543 543

Well, while 13% seems low, he paid more in real dollar taxes last year than you ever will in your life. Yep, get it straight, he paid for more roads, bridges, police, hospitals, than your envious ass ever will. He is rich, but he pays his taxes and he is not under any investigation for not paying them so he is within the law up to this point, and your argument affects Biden and Obama, and Hillary too. And last I checked Nancy Pelosi is also worth about 250 million. So get off the rich high horse because it isn't going to work.

Comment: Journalism vs. Revealing Names (Score 1) 488 488

As I understand it, the first WikiLeaks dumps redacted names, the later ones did not. That could (not necessarily did) cause life ending harm to those individuals listed in the documents. That is the line that was crossed. No longer journalism. No longer free speach. That, if it is true, is the definition of an enemy of the state and fair game for retribution at the highest level by the governments that wish to protect the individuals in harms way. Big game, big consequences.

Comment: Re:NASA's so called Budget (Score 1) 188 188

An optional donation to NASA on the income tax form is a great idea, I would love to see it. I would hit the $10 checkbox every year. But it won't ever happen because Congress would then add checkboxes for Schools, Medical Research (pick the cause), Libraries, Post Office, Environment, Farmers, Clean Energy, etc ...

It will get buried and never get funded when people see the other options. But it is a great idea on the surface.

Comment: Touch Screens vs. Watching the Road (Score 1) 233 233

Touch screens have always struck me as the worst possible addition to a car control interface. It seems like such common sense and yet year after year more car manufacturers introduce touch screens. They should have been banned long before texting on cell phones. Anything that takes your eyes off the road is a bad idea. There is nothing wrong with buttons, dials, or anything else you can feel with your fingers/hands. Heads-up displays in conjunction with a tactile control surface should have been the way forward, not tablets on the center console. Boo-tai jung-tzahng-duh!

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