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Comment: Re:Stop buying crap (Score 0) 156

Since when? I've been dealing with HP for purchasing my gear for a very long time, and the max you can extend your warranty to is 5 years total. 3 Years on the original purchase, plus an additional 2 by carepack. Either you're crazy, or every HP rep I've ever dealt with has some 'splainin to do.
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+ - Warner Brothers Abusing DMCA Takedown Rules-> 1

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itwbennett writes: "In a court case between Hotfile.com and Hollywood studios, Warner Brothers admitted they sent takedown orders for thousands of files they didn't own or control. Using an automated takedown tool provided by Hotfile, Warner Brothers used automated software crawlers based on keywords to generate legal takedown orders. This is akin to not holding the Post Office liable for what people mail, or the phone companies liable for what people say. But the flip side is that hosters must remove files when receiving a legal takedown notice from the copyright holder — even when the copyright holders themselves don't know what material they actually own."
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Comment: Re:Openfire + Spark (Score 1) 308

by Chazmosis (#25589833) Attached to: Good Open Source, Multi-Platform, Secure IM Client?
Throwing my name into the hat on this one as well. Plus it does an Excellent job of LDAP integration, so if you have an existing AD Domain or other LDAP implementation, it will tie right in with SSO capability. I've just rolled it out to all 14 of my branches, and it works like a charm. No problems what so ever.

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