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Comment Re:Perfect system (Score 1) 165

Similarly, for my windows account, I have a strong base password (upper, lower, numbers and special characters) and I add a counter after. I just write the current counter under my keyboard. For other company software or machine requiring another credential, I use the name of the system then the same base password and another counter (the counter is also written under my keyboard)...

eg: base password: My5trongB4seP@ssw0rd

windows: My5trongB4seP@ssw0rd017
SoftNumber4: SoftNumber5My5trongB4seP@ssw0rd005
Computer3: Computer3My5trongB4seP@ssw0rd010

Under my keyboard, I have:
windows: 17
SoftNumber4: 5
Computer3: 10

Yes If they crack one of my password and devise the methodology they can enter in all my systems at work. But I have run my base password against 3TB of rainbow tables (MD5, LM, SH1, NTLM) and the 2014 password list I could put my hand on (25M pwd) with success to have some confidence in it it will not be cracked so easily.

Comment Re:I don't think it will mean much (Score 1) 203

If volvo will try to not pay, then your own personal insurer would have to pay. And because they would not like to pay for Volvo, they will go against Them. 2 behemoth fighting against each other, could be fun to see, but you could wait some time before getting your indemnity except if your insurer make you an advance payment waiting for the mess to sort out...

Comment Re:Liberty? (Score 1) 241

Some progress has been made on _general_ intelligence but probably not enough for this work. But enough progress has been made on special purpose intelligence who should be able to categorize anyone and send a signal to the intelligence people to keep an eye on these categorized as suspicious. But as long as the false negatives are near zero and the false positives are low there is a possibility to investigate...

I, by far, prefer to have a 'black boxed' AI that go through all that data even if the IA is not perfect. And if a person is deemed suspicious, the IA grant access to the related datas to the authorities. Letting the authorities having unfettered access to the data without any oversight is the recipe for abuse of the datas.

Comment Re:We warned France not to follow our mistakes (Score 1) 195

What you don't seems to see is that privacy is freedom. When you lose privacy you lose freedom. For example: your medical condition is your privacy, and say you have a back problem and you can't pull heavy weight. Let's say you want to do some sport like Aikido. You know that if you take care you can do it. But when your Aikido club ask you for a medical certificate for the insurance, you still have the freedom to cheat and go to a doctor who don't know to have that certificate who say that there is no problems at all to do that sport. Now without privacy, your medical condition will not be private and as a result you will have less freedom. Some will say that the doctor is the law and I say that freedom is only used to cheat the law. It is not my word.

Comment Re:Solution- DMCA Permit (Score 1) 389

1000$ even 200$ is too much for some home bands who bleed themselves to produce in the 100 of vinyl/CD to sell to their friends, neighbors and family.
The deep of the investigative procedure will be linked to the cost of the license. If you put the license to 200$, what do you think of the quality of a 200$ investigation would be except rolling a dice to help choosing between the green or the red stamp?

Comment Re:Solution- DMCA Permit (Score 2) 389

The problem is that these islamists have very deep coffers. They could even lose 1 million dollar buying 1 license to make a statement against one other anti-islamist...

I would add that making a license cost prohibitive will block little content producer from submit a rightful DMCA notice :(

Problem not solved :(

Comment Re:"very extensive public input" (Score 1) 164

When the european commission does a public consultation, it get aound 300 comments (even when the policy could have worldwide implications). Most of them are from companies trying to keep some kinf of status quo, then from NGO saying it doesn't do enough and very few people answer under their own name (eg: DG CLIMA consultations. In this case, 500 comments is a very good return rate...

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 162

I have written an expert system for an oil company for predicting output of distillation towers at 1, 2, 4 and 8h in the future. The V1 of the expert system has the rules in a database and is working perfectly but is a bit slow. For the V2 of the system we auto-generated some code from the rules to include them at compile time. Do you say that V1 was a real expert system but V2 is just a fancy prediction software? For me they are the same. They still use the first version to add/debug rules before compiling a new revision of the V2...

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