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Comment: Re:Isn't this the ultimate goal? (Score 2) 732

by Chatterton (#45948929) Attached to: If I Had a Hammer

But money will not be the same. You can imagine a society where everyone receive enough money every month to be able to live and enjoy it. You can have more money from the 'state'/'governing body' by doing necessary thing that the machines can't (yet) do (Farmer, Teacher, Doctor, Police...). You can have more from your fellow humans by providing some kind of service (Cook, Artist, Performer...). You can also create new things/products that machines can produce and receiving some money for each asked by someone and produced by the machines.

The 'state'/'governing body' will control the machines.
The lazy would be lazy and live a decent life. The productive would be productive and live a better if not the best life.

Comment: Re:Developing software (Score 1) 453

by Chatterton (#45594291) Attached to: The Desktop Is Dead, Long Live the Desktop!

No, they are good enough even for gaming. It is true that i can't activate every little graphic options and set them to the max. But my 3 year old laptop is good enough to be able to play any recent game.

Now if you are one of these player that think that 160fps is not enough and they need mooooaaar power even if their screen can display only 50-60 fps. In that case, even your desktop should not be good enough.

Comment: Re:permissions (Score 5, Insightful) 328

by Chatterton (#45290177) Attached to: Edward Snowden's New Job: Tech Support

If your data's are completely legitimate and show no wrongdoing from the company part, I don't think you should be afraid of him working for your company. A whist-blower is not someone who like to share your data, it is someone who can't bear all the wrongdoing you/your company are doing that he don't see other way to make you stop doing it than showing it to the world hoping that you will change. Generally they are people who have a high level of moral integrity.

Comment: Re:It's the money. (Score 1) 187

by Chatterton (#45211055) Attached to: Automakers Struggle With Pairing Smartphones To Car Infotainment Systems

I hope they have some signal with these GPS maps. I know a lot of people that buy a tomtom or use their smartphone because their integrated GPS maps are so outdated that it is not anymore useable and the cost of having another gadget on their windshield trump the cost of the integrated GPS update...

Comment: Re:Data (Score 1) 204

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Why caring about facebook, we have some libraries, wikipedia, mediawiki and other interesting stuff to store. Now if we did have some kind of wikipedia where we can store how to build everything needed from using our 10 fingers to build all the tools and industrial processes to be able to build a computer, that could also be of value to save...

Comment: Pay cash !!!! (Score 4, Insightful) 314

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And my wife ask me why I don't like to pay with any plastic cards (credit and/or debit)... I always pay cash whenever i can. Even if all my transactions are legal, some could be frowned upon but not illegal (not yet), I don't like my bank or any other private corporation to know what I do and what i like.

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That is so true. I have stopped counting the number of library/API I have not used because I was unable to put the pieces together due to bad documentation. I had to use other library with less functionalities but having all the documentation needed to start using them and explaining how they worked. For example, i have chosen to use Guile over Lua (At the time Lua would have been more easy to use for me than Guile) because at the time I made the choice, the Guile documentation was better over how to integrate it with your programs and i did found a list of do and don't explaining what you should do and you shouldn't do. This last point in itself was the best thing ever really saving me from lots of headaches.

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