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Comment Re:That was easy (Score 1) 867

On my linux machine I run the native steam client AND the windows steam client via wine (+PlayOnLinux). You'd be surprised how well Wine works these days.

To re-iterate others: You don't need to re-purchase your games to get Linux ports, you already have the game on steam regardless of platform. If you are in doubt, run linux steam from a live-cd and see for yourself.

Comment Re:Can't they just weigh the plane? (Score 1) 373

Actually, it gets worse once you realise that you _are_ overweight and now have to taxi back, attach the walkway again, open the plane again, remove some people... find their baggage, remove that.... then taxi back to the scales....

I'll bet by that point even you would say: "Why don't they just weigh the passengers?!"

Comment Re:Can't they just weigh the plane? (Score 1) 373

Weighing the passengers before they ever get close to the apron means it's one less thing you have to do once the plane is available. Remember that a lot of stuff , like check-ins, happen on purpose before the plane you're flying on arrives at the airport. Usually when the plane hits the ground the airline's #1 priority is getting the plane re-filled (in all senses) and back in the air... weighing would add significant time to that, and you can bet travellers would complain about the extra wait (pun intended) on the ground. Especially if an airport only had one set of the mammoth, hugely expensive scales you'd need to have.... and planes couldn't simply push back and head for a runway using the shortest path, they'd all have to go through (a) choke point(s).

Comment Re:Easy solution, albeit a 'free market' one... (Score 4, Informative) 84

One little problem with this: I bought a Samsung and it has been installing tons of unremovable bloatware ever since. The stuff was not all there at the start.

It's not like there was a sticker on the box saying "Comes with 50 mandatory apps, will install 50 more once you've paid" either. I'd read a ton of reviews and still had no idea about the extent of the iron-fist they take over your device.

And yes, there's no way I'm buying another Samsung ever again, so whether this changes anything is largely immaterial to me.

Comment Talk about blaming the messenger (Score 5, Insightful) 230

Does one really have to state the obvious? Snowden didn't "create" anything.

Companies don't find those entities untrustworthy because Snowden reported it, they find them untrustworthy because it turns out they are untrustworthy. If Snowden didn't report it they would've found it out eventually some other way.

Comment Re:Anyone else want bigger batteries... (Score 1) 39

Agreed, wish the millimetre wars could finally be over and the battery wars would begin. I long for the days where my phone didn't necessarily need to be charged every night. Where I could USE my phone without the fear of it's imminent demise. Add to that the bonus that this whole "bending" problem would be significantly reduced.

Comment Re:Problem solved (Score 1) 283

I think GP's point is that a property struggle on the moon could result in armed conflicts back on earth. Ofc the countries involved in that spat won't be tiny dirt-laden ones you can brute-force into submission as GP suggests.... The 7th fleet won't mean dick against China and/or Russia: in this case it would invoke mutually assured destruction.

If anything what you're looking at here would be a cold war, or some serious and protracted negotiations, some sanctions maybe... soft persuasion. I doubt any shots would get fired.

Whoever dies with the most toys wins.