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Comment: um (Score 2) 76

by Charliemopps (#47559959) Attached to: Senate Bill Would Ban Most Bulk Surveillance

How about instead, we just pass a law clarifying that the constitution does indeed apply to algorithms?

Just because a robot searched your car does not mean your car was not searched.

i.e. A police officers doing:
C:\directory search batch file.bat
is no different than:

and really... that's what this all comes down to.

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by Charliemopps (#47557955) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

So, threatening extermination=bad, carrying out extermination=less bad. Got it.

It's all bad.

It's like watching your 2 drunken uncles accuse each other of stealing too much whiskey. At first you defend the one because you saw him steel the whiskey, then you realize the others been sneaking it to. Now they're in a full brawl on the living room floor in the middle of Christmas dinner, their kids (your cousins) are terrified and rooting for their respective fathers and you realize in 20 years those kids will be on this very same floor, having the same brawl, and all you can do is stand back and wonder why life is so screwed up.

Except... with tanks and rockets.

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by Charliemopps (#47557863) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

And if a rocket landed on a house 2 blocks from your own, would you be talking about a proportional response? I'm not saying I agree with everything Israels doing, hell... I even argued your same point not too long ago... but over time I've come to realize this is an insanely complicated issue. There are mentally unhinged people on both sides using religion as an excuse to perpetrate unspeakable acts of violence and cruelty.

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by Charliemopps (#47556061) Attached to: UK Team Claims Breakthrough In Universal Cancer Test

Soon to be freaking out in front of several governmental bodies: Your HMO

They will claim the treatment is worse than the cancer. They'll want the feds to recommend that people not take this test because it will "mislead" 9inform) the public and cause them to seek unnecessary (expensive) treatment for a condition that might just go away on its own. Then they'll use the governments recommendations as an excuse to deny people coverage.

Sound crazy? They already did it!

The biggest problem with health care in this country are HMOs. The second your doctor works for the same company that pays for your treatment, his paycheck is directly affected by any increased treatment he suggests. This impairs his judgment, leads to reduced treatment and ironically leads to increased cost down the road.

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You are 100% right in criticizing me. Actually, I wasn't expecting this to get to the frontpage.Nonetheless, I thought Slashdot was the best place to ask. Many times I've seen pieces of news about Amigas and usually they're warmly received (are they not outdated?). I'm wondering why so many people are saying stuff like "let it go", "it's useless", "learn a language." Other people are linking me to LMGTFY as if I haven't spent hours looking for working links.

Don't get me wrong, maybe they're right and I shouldn't spend/waste my time learning about a dead platform, but at least I'd like to hear their rationale.

Because Amiga, C64, Early DOS and UNIX's were great and successful. For me, all that stuff was my childhood and messing around with it is like going to a garage sale and finding my old favorite GI Joe figure or something. PalmOS5 failed right out of the gate. There's nothing to be nostalgic about.

If you want to do some cool hobby stuff (and I don't blame you, I do that sort of thing all the time) I recommend the following:
RaspberryPI or one of the several 3rd party variants out there: It's basically a small PC with a UART (hardware interface with buttons) You can turn it into a media player, an Audio DSP, a "car computer" whatever you can think of.

Arduino is a micro controller. Not to be confused with the RPI. An arduino will teach you how to solder :-)
You can run scripts written in C, and control lights, relays, sensors, etc... You can build something that automatically waters your garden, turns on your lights, feeds your pets... basically anything you can script.

AX84 is a website that has a host of amplifier projects. They are all tube based. Why tube? Well a lot of us think it sounds better, but that's a long argument. Even if they don't, it's how electronics started and if you want to know how things were done originally... and why that lead to how things are done now, Tubes are a great way to start. It's like learning to build a campfire by rubbing 2 sticks together. Yea, you could just throw a road flare on a dead tree, but somethings are just worth doing the old way. If you're not a musician, there's a Stereo amp near the bottom.

Then there's steam engines... There's no collective site for that, but I've done them and they are fun. No codding involved unless you count the valves ;-)
These are super fun though. Imagine a device that can generate power from any source of heat. Even mirrors reflecting the sun. I recommend starting on youtube.

Anyways, there are lots of "useless" projects you can do that will have a far larger community and be far less of a waste of time in the end. Good luck.

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by Charliemopps (#47554463) Attached to: Smoking Mothers May Alter the DNA of Their Children

Adopt. That's what we did. My sons birth mother could hardly afford food, much less cigarettes. The 3rd world may suck for many things but they don't chain smoke and there sure as hell aren't any crack addicted parents.

Kidding aside, you should adopt. There are children in need, and I love my kid as much, if not more than any kid I could have gotten the old fashion way. We were very lucky he needed parents.

Comment: Wait! (Score 0) 225

Egads! Are you telling me there was a political referendum somewhere that would have cost local businesses money and they sent out misleading political fliers!?!? Holy shit the sky is falling!!!

Seriously folks, can we stop pretending to be outraged when the thing we normally have no problem with... exagerating our the negatives of our political opponents... is suddenly used against us?

How is this any more misleading than:
ISPs want to throttle our connections so they can force us to only watch their content!
ISPs have a menopoly! They don't want competition!
ISPs are conspiring with the NSA to spy on us!

All of that nonsense is just as much of an exaggeration and misleading as what was on those post cards yet I see in on slashdot all day long. And just like those misleading post cards there are real problems with municipal broadband we could all discuss if everyone wasn't so busy throwing FUD back and forth.

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by Charliemopps (#47551171) Attached to: Oracle Offers Custom Intel Chips and Unanticipated Costs

Here is a flow chart to decide whether to buy Oracle products:

<Do you enjoy being utterly fucked over?> Yes--> Buy Oracle. No--> Run for the hills.

I've been at two places which have been Oracle'd. It's like being pwn3d except you end up $10,000,000 poorer. You also end up with less dignity than the inevitable tebagging you might get in Halo.

I'd just like to confirm... the OP is not exagerating at all here. Oracle is today, what Microsoft was 10yrs ago.
They're big.
Their customers are currently trapped.
Oracles Management think that this situation will last forever and can't imagine a time when customers would move to something else.
They are using that power in such a drastic and barbaric way that, as painful as it may be, there's just no way they are going to continue using them in the future.

In 10yrs we'll all have moved on, and Oracle Execs will be scratching their heads wondering what happened to the gravy train. Just like MSFT is doing now.

Comment: Silicon Valley problem? (Score 1) 459

Silicon Valley problem? No... it's an American problem. Is there anyone here that doesn't know someone with an addiction problem? It's part of our culture. Who we are, and what we have is never good enough. There's always someone better on TV, the movies, the internet, and why aren't our bodies like that? Why am I not that calm? Why am I not that strong? Why can't I deal with stress that well? We're spoon fed lies via a screen and then find there is no natural way for us to meet our fictitious ambitions so we turn to unnatural means.

It's like the High Striker hammer game at the fair.
The bells not the goal.
Try, do your best, then be proud you had the opportunity to attend a fair and waste some time trying to hit a bell.
Injecting yourself with steroids just so you can hit a damned bell is insanity.
And yes, the majority of our life goals in this country are about as inane has trying to hit that bell.

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by Charliemopps (#47545277) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine

Because this was never about independence. Russia installed their own primer minister to prevent Ukrain from joining the EU. But he sucked. The EU and the US helped stage a Coup and installed their own pro-west leader in the hopes of getting Ukrain in the EU. No way Russia is letting that happen. The EU has its own problems but they pale in comparison to Russias. The last thing Putin wants is a country with a lot of relatives of Russians getting the EU treatment and finding out how nice it is to be out of their largely lawless, virtual dictatorship of a state.

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by Charliemopps (#47543361) Attached to: Amputee Is German Long Jump Champion

I don't care. Sports is (are?) stupid. They are, by default, exclusionary. The entire point of sports is to be sexist, elitist and show others that you're better than they are. Now, low and behold, a group that has bee excluded for thousands of years from the hobby has found a way to use their disability as an advantage. Call me a jerk for not feeling sympathy for the rich, steroid ladened, kids whose parents gave them every advantage in the world suddenly feel disadvantaged.

Do molecular biologists wear designer genes?