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Comment: Re:Stamps? (Score 1) 79

by Charliemopps (#48651387) Attached to: Librarians: The Google Before Google

But then the question just becomes "where can I buy a vernier caliper?". It's not like they had either, and I doubt it was in the Sears & Roebuck catalog.

In the time period in question the answer was: Sears or True Value.
Today I'd say harbor freight.

I have a micrometer literally sitting next to me on my desk at all times, and I also carry one in my glovebox. They're that useful.

Comment: Re:I'm sick of this (Score 1) 108

by Charliemopps (#48649951) Attached to: Finland Announces an Anti-Laser Campaign For Air Traffic

Not just no aircraft in the US, no aircraft in the world has had anything more than a pissed off pilot at landing.

You seem to be arguing like I'm saying people should target aircraft at landing with lasers, its no big deal. Re-read what I said... I mentioned at least twice that you shouldn't do this. Stupid kids do this sort of thing. But this is heading in a very predictable direction. They are trying to ban consumer lasers with this lame excuse. Is there a possibility that the right laser, hits the right pilot, and distracts him enough that it really does cause some sort of problem? Yes it's remotely possible... but the chances are so remote that I feel safe in saying it will never happen.

But like I said, if you want to be ultra-super safe... install polarized plastic lenses over the windscreens. Remember we used to stick them on laptop screens? They cost about $5 each. But they haven't done that yet... why? Because the risk is so remote it's not even worth spending $5 to protect against. Do you think the owners of multi-million dollar jet liners would risk their aircraft when the fix was so simple if it were really a threat?

Comment: Re:So release the old fart they have in prison... (Score 2) 102

by Charliemopps (#48648751) Attached to: Cuba Says the Internet Now a Priority

The difference is that the Internet the Cuban government wants (no doubt censored and highly regulated like in China, Russia etc) is totally different to the internet that the old guy was trying to set up (which wouldn't have had the censorship and regulations)

I can't imagine they aren't aware of the goal of these relations. Fidel can say communism isn't dead all he wants... but the reality is, as soon as US money starts flowing in his regime is doomed.

Comment: I'm sick of this (Score 3, Insightful) 108

by Charliemopps (#48648725) Attached to: Finland Announces an Anti-Laser Campaign For Air Traffic

I'm sick of this bullshit myth.

Lasers do not cause Aircraft to crash.

It's never happened, it never will happen. I can't even focus my pen laser on my cat that's 10 feet away from me for more than a split second. Hitting the windshield of an aircraft that's at least 1000 yards away and traveling at at least 200mph?!?! At worst, you have a 1 in a billion chance of nailing the pilot directly in the retina, so yes, you shouldn't do it because that might annoy him. But it's not going crash the plane even if that happened.

Now, for all of you that are going to tell me I'm dumb and don't know what I'm talking about... Please provide evidence. Has any plane ever had an accident as a result of a laser? Any? I've heard from some irritated pilots, and I can understand that... I'd be irritated to. But to claim there was any chance of an accident and we need to limit consumer freedom to harmless technology, just so we don't annoy pilots? That's a joke.

And, I'm willing to offer evidence myself:
2013 Egyptian protests. Snipers on buildings and in helicopters we targeting opposition leaders. As a result, protesters started buying cheap green laser pointers in the market and using them to highlight Sniper and helicopter positions. Eventually, so many lasers would be focused on passing helicopters they looked like this:
and here's a video:
This went on every night for months. Dozens of aircraft, thousands of lasers focused on them continually... but not one single crash. None.

There's absolutely no way these laser pointers could cause a crash... and if they could, the NTSB should immediately require all aircraft to be retrofitted with polarized sheets on the inside of the pilots window. It'd cost a couple of dollars per aircraft and wouldn't infringe on the personal freedoms of the general population.

Comment: haha (Score 5, Interesting) 113

I'm sorry, but as much as North Korea sucks, this hack just gets better and better...

Google’s effort to position itself as a defender of free speech is shameful. Freedom of speech should never be used as a shield for unlawful activities and the Internet is not a license to steal,” said Kate Bedingfield, an M.P.A.A. spokeswoman, in an emailed statement.

That statements so unbelievably ironic... Sony and the MPAA are trying to squash these very document releases with the same tactics they use to try and stop file sharing... but this time it's to hide their own collusion, racketeering, bribery and likely other violations of federal law. I wonder if the other inmates will appreciate her opinion that piracy is stealing when she's in the state pen...

Comment: Re:False Falg? (Score 2) 232

You know... I was pretty sure it was NK as well...
But it's really getting fishy.

For example, why was the CIA meeting with Sony just a month prior to this happening?

And it even specifically says the talks were about Sony and other studios helping them with, what can only be described as, propaganda.

Something... and I don't know what... but something, is up.

Comment: Re:No, They Haven't Called Me (Score 4, Informative) 235

Until a local hospital calls you to let you know your kids got a broken leg...

I've seen people drive themselves to distraction with your logic. They start sweating when their phone gets to one bar, and refuse to go anywhere with no cell service. Or drive through long highway tunnels. And yet....... somehow we've been able to survive all this time without everyone having instant access to us.

Talk about your first world problems.

First world problems? If you've never been to the 3rd world, you're not allowed to use that line. It just makes you sound like an idiot.

I've been to the 3rd world, specifically Africa. Everyone has cellphones. EVERYONE.
People that don't have homes, cars, a bed... have a cellphone.
Why? So they can keep in contact with their family, in case of emergency. Most people have 2 phones, or at least 2 sim cards so they can be on 2 networks at once, just so they don't miss a call.

You find booths like this on every street corner:

I had better cell coverage there than I do in the states.

Comment: Re:"But it can be circumvented!" (Score 3, Insightful) 72

by Charliemopps (#48642043) Attached to: Boeing and BlackBerry Making a Self-Destructing Phone

Cue in the comments on how that security feature is not completely perfect, so therefore it has to be completely useless.

You mean like the fact that Boeing already works very closely with the CIA/NSA and therefor this thing is 100% guaranteed to have a government backdoor per-installed AND the purchase of such a phone would automatically put on a watch list that would result in pretty much all of your traffic getting logged anyway?

Not perfect... more like, this phone likely does exactly the opposite of what it advertises.

Comment: Summary is wrong (Score 5, Insightful) 146

by Charliemopps (#48641447) Attached to: The Beatles, Bob Dylan and the 50-Year Copyright Itch

The Beach Boys released two copyright-extension sets...

That's not true. "The Beach Boys" didn't release anything. The rights to their work were stolen in the 1960s by their manager and sold to A&M records:
A&M is owned by UMG:
The largest Music publishing company in the world who's owned by Vivendi:
Who's worth nearly $50 billion, and has profits in the $3 billion/yr range...

and you wonder why copyright laws get changed in their favor... lol

When arguing about copyright law, always keep in mind... the people that "own" these copyrights are almost never the artists or their families. Business own then and the attempts to extend copyright into perpetuity has absolutely nothing to do with rewarding the creator of the music. It has to do with extending what was usually a theft from an artist, into a theft from mankind as a whole.

Watch the following movie for more details on that side of the business:
I don't like 30 seconds to mars, but that movie matches what many of the musicians/bands I've met have said about the industry.

And here's an article written by Courtney Love 15yrs ago... and it's also pretty much dead on:

The real pirates are the music labels.

Comment: Re:TOR is a fucking honey pot ! (Score 3, Informative) 86

by Charliemopps (#48641007) Attached to: Tor Network May Be Attacked, Says Project Leader

You could be right, but given TOR's design, it doesn't even matter if the feds wrote it, they still couldn't figure out your identity. The feds would have to own all the nodes in the network, which is possible... but if they did own all the nodes, it wouldn't really matter if they wrote it or not now would it?

All that said... there are easier ways to hide your identity on the internet.

Comment: Re:Can we stop the embellishment? (Score 1) 168

by Charliemopps (#48640961) Attached to: Hackers Used Nasty "SMB Worm" Attack Toolkit Against Sony

Really? Apparently they quickly took control of almost every one one of Sony's servers and workstations. Literally took entire control, stole all of the useful data, wiped out all of their servers, and then owned all of the workstations so that they were useless but able to broadcast any message they wanted to them.

That's a *bit* more coordinated than "your average trojan worm". Unless you really think based on extremely limited information you know more than all of the security researchers and government investigators looking into it... (hint: sorry, you don't).

They had access for over a year...

Sony didn't even have rudimentary security established. Pretty much any teenager with basic skills could have taken them out.

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