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Comment: Re: yea no (Score 4, Insightful) 57

by Charliemopps (#48672591) Attached to: How Target's Mobile App Uses Location Tech To Track You

Obviously you haven't shopped at best buy or toys r us lately. They kill Amazon on price and selection

So Best Buys Book section is better than Amazons? And their Jewelry? Cutlery? Clothing?
Oh wait, they don't have any of that stuff... I'd better go check Toys R Us... lol

And on price? Yes, I have been to Best Buy lately... I went to get a network cable to replace a broken one. It was $29.99 for a single cable. They had much cheaper ones on their website but they're not available locally. And the cables they had at the store weren't listed on the website.

So I suspect you're comparing their websites... ok... but that's basically the same service. The store has entirely different products and different prices and it's worthless.

Comment: yea no (Score 2) 57

by Charliemopps (#48672533) Attached to: How Target's Mobile App Uses Location Tech To Track You

There's no reason to shop at a retailer unless you're desperate and need something now. Even the more overpriced online retailers kill brick and mortar on price. Local retailers are closing left and right near me. The mall, which had a 3 lane exit built for it just a few years ago because lines to the parking lot would block the interstate around the holidays, is now a ghost town. Back in the 1990's they kicked out any retailer that wasn't trendy like The Gap or Banana republic, so the stores that made the mall interesting are gone. Radioshack is nothing more than a cellphone kiosk now. Now those interesting retailers have moved to our long vacant downtown (ironically killed off by the mall!) Those unique boutique shops are the only way retail will survive the next 5 to 10yrs and you can guarantee location tracking is the last thing on their minds.

Retailed killed itself, and this "Surveillance" is just a further example of how they just don't get it.

Comment: Re:Get rid of Frames!!!! (Score 1, Interesting) 182

by Charliemopps (#48667247) Attached to: Human Eye's Oscillation Rate Determines Smooth Frame Rate

All recording mediums, even Tapes and records are digital if you look close enough. There is a limit to how fine a change you can have even in a record groove. So the fact of the matter is, eventually digital will be able to surpass any conceivable analog source in sampling rate.

Comment: Re: Obviously (Score 4, Insightful) 359

by Charliemopps (#48667203) Attached to: Study: Police Body-Cams Reduce Unacceptable Use of Force

But what will be the reaction of the "activists" when these cameras capture indisputable footage of, say, somebody like Michael Brown launching an unprovoked physical attack against a police officer?

They'd probably ask why he tried to apprehend someone twice his size without any backup. Then ask, why after he'd already shot the guy 4 times he had to put 2 more bullets in his head.

Cops should be able to defend themselves, but they seem to be throwing themselves into needless danger over and over again. He was a moron to try and wrestle with this guy over a pack of cigars. If he got away, so what? Then, I don't think I've ever heard one of these police shootings that didn't involve the cop emptying a 16rnd clip. This isn't a western. That, again, is stupid. How many bystanders had bullets whizzing past them? What if the guys friend then turns on the cop? He's out of ammo! And worst of all, you just shot someone to death over a box of cigars. That's not ok. Maybe we should instal missile launchers in their headlights to? There's a jay walker! Lets nuke the intersection, he might be armed!

Comment: Re:Stamps? (Score 1) 93

by Charliemopps (#48651387) Attached to: Librarians: The Google Before Google

But then the question just becomes "where can I buy a vernier caliper?". It's not like they had amazon.com either, and I doubt it was in the Sears & Roebuck catalog.

In the time period in question the answer was: Sears or True Value.
Today I'd say harbor freight.

I have a micrometer literally sitting next to me on my desk at all times, and I also carry one in my glovebox. They're that useful.

Comment: Re:I'm sick of this (Score 1) 114

by Charliemopps (#48649951) Attached to: Finland Announces an Anti-Laser Campaign For Air Traffic

Not just no aircraft in the US, no aircraft in the world has had anything more than a pissed off pilot at landing.

You seem to be arguing like I'm saying people should target aircraft at landing with lasers, its no big deal. Re-read what I said... I mentioned at least twice that you shouldn't do this. Stupid kids do this sort of thing. But this is heading in a very predictable direction. They are trying to ban consumer lasers with this lame excuse. Is there a possibility that the right laser, hits the right pilot, and distracts him enough that it really does cause some sort of problem? Yes it's remotely possible... but the chances are so remote that I feel safe in saying it will never happen.

But like I said, if you want to be ultra-super safe... install polarized plastic lenses over the windscreens. Remember we used to stick them on laptop screens? They cost about $5 each. But they haven't done that yet... why? Because the risk is so remote it's not even worth spending $5 to protect against. Do you think the owners of multi-million dollar jet liners would risk their aircraft when the fix was so simple if it were really a threat?

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